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2016: February Stepping stones

I've never really been into this whole setting goals thing as I always thought I'd be disheartened and beat myself up if I didn't complete all or any of them. I've recently come to realise, that mindset was damaging and therefore, I've decided to go ahead and make a yearly and then monthly goals, mainly to review my progress. I've come to the conclusion that even though I may or may not complete all of any of my goals, I can try again, try harder, next time. I'm not viewing them as 'goals' though because that's too demanding, I like to think of them as little stepping stones to where I want to be in life.

Small, tiny rocks which are extremely useful to help you across the rapid river flowing before your eyes. This is appealing to me. I want to cross the river and I may lose my footing and take a dip in the unwelcoming, freezing water, but there will always be another along the way which I can grab onto and pull myself back up, maybe sit for a while to dry off then continue onto the next.

Yes, I like stepping stones, it sounds so much more welcoming. I've also decided, every time I reach the next stone, I will reward myself in one way or another. Really go to town, not the usual self-care have a bath, stick on a face mask and let the scents of beautiful candles rise up my nostrils, but instead buy myself something that I've wanted for a while, take myself to dinner or coffee or treat myself to trying a new activity or one that I've disregarded.

The biggest stepping stone, the one right next to the river bank on the opposite side will be Be Vulnerable. I will try and embrace situations that make me feel vulnerable with open arms, I will put myself in said vulnerable situations, I will speak freely, openly and honestly because my fear of judgement is larger than I originally anticipated and know that being myself will put me in the most vulnerable position of them all. I've chosen this because I believe to be truly happy and confident within yourself you have to put yourself through vulnerable situations to truly know your own strength, worth, and beauty.

The littler stones in my journey will be:
Eat healthier, I never cared much about what I ate, because I don't think I cared much for my own well-being or health, but now, now I understand the strength within my bones, the magic within my soul and the compassion within my heart and I need to start treating my body nicer, I need to start treating myself better.

Read more, I love reading, I think knowledge is power, but for some reason I've been picking up books, reading a few chapters and leaving it to gather dust on my bookshelf, I fully enjoy every book I read or get half way through, but somehow scrolling mindlessly through facebook (which I've now deleted hurrah!) always seemed like a better choice.

Write, Okay so I write a lot anyway but I want to showcase my work no matter how good or bad I may think it is. I want to put my creations into the world, I want to be able to read back on what I've written and reflect. I want to dedicate more time to writing because I feel I don't do enough of it. I want it in my life regardless of whether I make money from it or not. There are stories embodied inside my mind and soul that need releasing and I can't cage them for much longer.

Self-care, now this is a big one for me, I believe I spend time practising self-care, but if I'm being honest and realistic, I think about it more than act on it. I think about having that nice relaxing bath outlined with candles accompanied by a light-hearted, uplifting book and a nice cup of tea, but that never really seems to happen. I just jump in the bath, get dehydrated and disheartened then dry myself and slob about so I will make more of an effort to pamper myself because hey, I'm worth it.


  1. Some interesting points, however, you have a fair few spelling mistakes and your punctuation could use some work; you use far too many commas when you should be using full stops! These little things really do make a difference
    when reading blogs and articles. Obviously this is a personal blog about yourself, but it comes across slightly 'me me me' and 'obvious' and thus boring, in short it feels like you're trying to be perfect, trying to say the right thing..instead of being painfully honest. When people are out there with their honesty, that's when a blog becomes interesting to read. You're almost there, just needs some tweaking! :)

    1. Hi Jane, thank you for your feedback. The point of this post was to write down my goals and stepping stones so of course it's going to be self centred, I'm sorry you found this boring, but I write for myself and write from the rawest part of my soul. I hope you take a look at my other posts and see the honesty within them. Once again, thank you for your feedback :)