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An introduction

My name is Arora Appleby, I have started countless amounts of blogs and kind of abandoned them due to comparing myself and my blog to other bloggers/writers and it was getting me unbelievably down so I decided to scrap all of that and do what I should have done in the first place: write for myself.
I'm an open person who likes to dive straight into the deep end of conversations, I can't deal with mindless small talk so it usually makes me think I'm not very good at socialising but that's not the case, I love a good chin wag and making new friends!  This blog is going to be a personal, diary-esque type blog. So if you're nosey like me and love reading insights in other peoples lives, welcome aboard sailor because there will be no restrictions or censoring however scary that may be at times.

I've always felt I was different, not in a 'i'm so dark and mysterious' kind of way, but in the way I've viewed the world. Without sounding like a dickhead, i feel like i've always been more aware of the world and what goes on within it compared to most of the people I've met but hey, maybe i'm hanging around with the wrong crowd. I've never seen things in black and white, there's always a grey area but I've always wished it could be as simple as black and white - I wish you could do what you wanted with out any repercussions, judgement or ridicule but unfortunately we can't in today's world. However, that certainly doesn't mean you cant do them at all - i've always seen as a bit of a challenge: you say I can't dance in the middle of the street where the buskers showcase their talent because I'll look 'silly'. I say fucking watch me.

In all honesty, I'm sick and tired of not being able to expose myself completely because of others insecurities. I'm fed up of not being able to do what i please freely (within reason obvs, im not gunna go kill a man cause i feel like it yanno) So I think, well I hope, this blog is and will be a big fuck you to society as a whole for trying to teach me to be embarrassed about myself and my actions, for trying to teach me that I can't openly be myself in case people laugh and judge me. From now on, I will be vulnerable and open and weird and opinionated and free. I will be happy for and because of it. Goodbye thoughts of what others may or may not think of me, that's not my business any more. All I want to do is laugh, love, create and have a jolly good time on this planet.

So if you care to join me, you can find me on twitter and instagram  don't be scared to drop us a line and say hello :-))

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