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Hurray for mondays!

Mondays to me, are a fresh start. The same way as a new year, Mondays highlight the start of something new, exciting and fresh. You can leave last week in the past because HELLO MONDAY!
I really don't understand how people can hate a weekday so much, chill guys it's literally the same as any other day. Emma at girllostinthecity hit's it right on the head with this post, maybe we have just been programmed to hate Mondays, there's no surprise considering the amount of "I hate Monday" memes and constant moans and groans from everyone on a Sunday night. Thankfully I stumbled across Emma's post and it made me ponder what Mondays mean to me. Mondays, like I've said are a fresh start. Mondays to me, are sometimes my only day off in the week (thanks retail) Mondays are as good and exciting as any other day as long as you make it that way. If you're one of those "I hate Monday" type people maybe try doing something that'll make you actually look forward to it? Plan something with friends or do something exciting on your own - whatever makes you feel good, because this mindset of hating a day that mankind has made up and enforced just sounds a little bit silly. Doesn't it?

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