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You are the paint stains I will never remove

One drunken night I stumbled on up to a club with the intention to dance the night away.
I saw your face, illuminated by the street lights and a huge grin formed upon my face.
We exchanged hello's and shared an unexpected kiss - not so much fireworks in the background, instead drunk lads shouting "Go on son, get in there!"
We spend the night dancing, laughing, drinking and talking until we find ourselves sprawled on the dew filled grass at 5am trying to psych ourselves up for the walk home.
The sun was rising, filling the sky with a blanket of vibrant oranges and pinks making the world look even more glorious. Stopping at the shop to buy quavers and chocolate fingers, we embarked on our journey home. I had been going through a rough time but that morning reminded me how glorious the world truly is and how enchanting the simplest of things can be. We sat beneath the church rooftop as rain softly poured from the skies. I'd never seen a graveyard look so magnificent. Since that day, you have brough nothing but kindness and joy into my life. I just want to say Thank You.

 for being patient with me. Sometimes I am insecure, paranoid and irrational. You wait it out and know food will always make me feel better (especially a big bar of chocolate)

Thankyou for teaching me to love myself. I indulge in junk food and nicotine still but you've reminded me of my worth and treat me how I should be treated, rather than how I've been treated in the past.

Thankyou for supporting and encouraging me. No matter what idea I present to you, tou always stand by my side and help me achieve it.

Thankyou for reminding me of my love of books. There's no greater power than knowledge and no better feeling than a good book and a hot brew.

Thankyou for humoring me. I know sometimes you don't want to go somewhere or do something but you will do it anyway, (mostly) with a smile on your face because you know it will make me happy.

Thankyou for telling me off sometimes. You know I'd rather be told straight so you tell me when I'm being a dick head which usually snaps me out of it (after I'm done being mad at your for telling me off)

Thankyou for letting me show my emotions. I cry without fear of judgement, I shout without fear of losing you, I laugh and snort without feeling embarrassed, You never disregard my feelings or make me feel bad for expressing them.

Thankyou for having my back. It doesn't matter if you know nothing about an argument, if I'm pissed off with someone you'll agree with me anyway to make me feel better about their stupidity.

Thankyou for showing me I'm not alone. Everything I think and feel someone else (usually you) feels or thinks the same as me. You don't realise what a huge comfort this is to my over active brain

Thankyou for being you. You're talented, intelligent, down to earth and sometimes annoying. You let me win our play fights sometimes and you make a banging cup o' tea. Every day I grow more and more proud of your accomplishments and I honestly can't imagine anyone else being by my side (*vom* this is getting too cringey now but you know I secretly love this sorta stuff really)

Love you angel head x

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