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5 things to do when you feel sad

Okay, so I wanted to make a post giving tips on how to make yourself feel better when you're having a shit day, but I didn't wanna spout the conventional 'take a hot bath', 'go for a long walk' bullshit because we all know those things look good on paper but in reality, when you're so depressed all you can do is lie in a pile of blankets dampened by your tears watching netflix, you aint goin' for a long ass walk in nature in hope it'll make you 'feel better' and you sure as hell aint moving out of your comfy bed of pain, for a bubble bath where you'll probably cry because it doesn't compare to those instagram worthy baths, that look like a unicorn has exploded inside of it producing exfoliating glitter and magical rainbow swirls.
   No, all you want is permission to lie there crying into your phone with netflix on in the background. You want someone to say "That's alright mate, keep doing what you're doing. You're having a shit day, you deserve to lie in that bed all comfy and watch mind numbing bullshit."

So now I've given you that permission slip, I guess I'll write all the conventional shit you've read time and time again with reasons why they will help you;

1. Go for a long walk. Fresh air an all that helps you breathe and when you breathe you calm down. Also, nature is beautiful and cool as fuck. Ponder the birds and how they fly, pick a strand of grass and wonder where the first strand ever spouted from. Smell a flower, they all smell the same to me but maybe you'll be able to tell the difference.

2. Take a long bath. Fill that bugger up with a mountain of bubbles and splash around flooding the bathroom. Plonk those bubbles on your face and pretend you're Santa. Wiggle your bits around, sing, shout, cry. Maybe light a few candles and read a book whilst you're in there - just try not to burn yourself or get the book wet.

3. Read a book. Get lost in other peoples worlds because lol you don't wanna be in yours right now. Re-enact the scenes if you're feeling adventurous or just cocoon yourself in a blanket with a hot brew and read the night away.

4. Make a cup of tea. A nice hot brew solves everything because we're british - if you're reading this and you're not british, make a cup o' tea anyway. Boil the kettle, I like to pretend its a rocket about to take off when it does that bubbling thing when it's nearly boiled. Chuck the tea bag in, try an do it from across the room, it makes it more fun. Add sugar if you're not sweet enough, and a splash of milk. Wait 2 minutes and take the tea bag out. Sit down and reflect on the amazing experience you've just encountered.

5. Sit in bed and watch netflix whilst crying. Literally, if that's what you feel like doing, fuck all the others off (except number 4 because that will probably, definitely help and contribute to your netflix marathon) and just watch trash tv all day until you get bored of being sad and do something else. Or sleep. That works too.

        It's okay to be sad. It's okay not to know why you're sad.

     It's okay, and you're not alone. 

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  1. Really like this post. It is so true we all know the things to do that are supposed to make us feel better but we have to find the one that works for us. Love the style of this post too