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February Stepping Stones Review & March goals

At the start of February I wrote this post on what I wanted to achieve this month and the stepping stones I had to cross. I haven't been very mindful of these stepping stones due to the stress of moving house and just general shit that's gone on. However, to my surprise I have actually started achieving these little stepping stones without even noticing!

Just to recap, my goals were to:
  • Eat healthier
  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Practise self care
1. I wasn't able to choose what I ate at the start of the month due to being in between homes and having others cook for me (which for the record, I'm completely grateful for) but since we got our flat (like a week ago) I have been taking healthy lunches to work and having nice healthy(ish) meals and I've been keeping an eye on my sugar intake!

2. I haven't read more books but I have been reading more blog posts and articles so that counts..right? No but now we've got our bookcase and all our books from Wales I will be making more of an effort to shift through some of them and aim to read a chapter a day.

3. I accidentally formed a routine of writing on the bus to work, more precisely I would usually start writing as I turned into Winton and stop at Lansdowne so I could roll a fag. Now I've moved, my routine can no longer be followed so I've been writing bits and bobs here and there but overall I'm dead proud of how much I've wrote lately!

4. I guess I've neglected the self care one more than I like to admit because I've been overly stressed lately and just having a few more bad days than good but hopefully that'll turn around once I start doing more of the things above.

This month, my goals are literally the same, just more in depth. I've realised by setting vague goals, you will never be satisfied so I need to dive deeper in order to feel like I've achieved the goals I've set. So without further ado, here are my March stepping stones:

  1. Continue to watch my sugar intake and eat meals rather than snacking throughout the day
  2. Read a chapter of a book a night
  3. Continue writing and posting blog posts every friday and plan my poetry project
  4. Use Sunday evening to indulge in tea, movies and pampering. 
I'm also attending a poetry night tomorrow alone which will be scary but also quite fun (hopefully!) I've never been to an event on my own before and there's an open mic section for us to recite our poetry/writing. My word of the year is vulnerable - I aim to put myself in many vulnerable situations and I think this will be the perfect opportunity, though I am literally shitting my pants because I hate public speaking let alone reciting my own words from the soul to an audience which will instantly make a judgement on it. I will regret not doing it though so we will see whether I'm a scaredy-cat or not. (I will take lots of photos and create a blog post regardless) 

So there we have it, this isn't my normal "shit you only say or think about at 3am whilst drinking a bottle o' wine" kinda post but it keeps me in check.

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