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Beauties door

You climb the emerald staircase up towards beauties door.
Impatiently waiting for someone, for something, to welcome you through.
Through to where the sun shines vibrantly and reflects the crystal water which homes a rainbow of life swimming beneath.

You stand and wait, then wait some more. Waiting to get through beauties door.
Excitement consumes your mind - a swarm of what if’s and when’s fly in and out of your ears.

You tire of waiting and kick beneath the golden lock, only to find yourself in the exact same place as you were before.
You see, beauties door is not in an exact location, darling.

It is the rustle within the great oak trees when squirrels run and play.
It is the comfort of your bed sheets where you watch the pinks merge with the purples as dusk turns to night, through your wood-stained windowpanes.
It is the blue lagoons and the uncontrollable smile, which forms upon your loves face as they participate in activities they enjoy.
is the rainbows after the rain fall, it IS the rain fall.

Don’t you see?

You don’t have to kick and punch your way through the golden locks of beauties door! Only stand,
Admire, and let it seep through to every inch of your being.

All you have to do is be.

Once you understand and see,
The magic will unravel in front of your wondrous eyes,
Where they glisten so bright some would mistake them for diamonds.
- Beauties door | Arora Appleby.

Not exactly a blog post but i've been uhhming and ahhing over whether to share my poetry on this platform and I've come to the conclusion of Yes, I will post my poetry occasionally. I don't know much about poetry and usually I try to make ~atleast~ half of it rhyme because that's the only poetry form that I know thanks, school. This one is a bit - okay, a lot different to what I usually write poems about - my poems are usually weird metaphors and similes describing bae and our ~love~ lol. Let me know what you think :-))

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