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I will never be beautiful

In this society, every body is so hung up on being 'beautiful.' Spending hours picking apart every inch of their being in the mirror, claiming they're not enough because they don't compare to the women in the magazines that are shoved in our faces. Constantly saving up to afford the next big trend so they can be deemed 'respectable' as they trot along with their Michael Kors bag and the latest Adidas high-tops.
I'm not playing that game any more. I'm not competing with other women to be ranked 'most beautiful' by a bunch of people I do not and will not value in any way, shape or form, because here's the honest truth:

I will never be beautiful. I will never possess an everlasting, caramel tan which glows beneath the radiant sun beams: I will always turn a fiery hue of scarlet, resembling a cosy roaring fire on a icy winters evening. I will never have cheekbones so sharp they could scratch diamonds - instead, I've been blessed with a more rounded, moon like shape which squishes together when I smile mimicking a chubby anime baby. I will never have legs up to my armpits or eyelashes to my toes (I do have a banging pair of tits tho.) 
Gleaming white smile which is more blinding than watching the eclipse? Nope.
Fingernails painted so perfect they out-shine Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel? Nope.
Stomach so toned it could survive Bruce Lee's one inch punch? Absolutely-fucking-not!

I will never be beautiful and I do not want to be.

I will always have passion seeping through my glands, oozing onto everything I touch. I will always have ambition gleaming through my eyes as I look for and assess every opportunity the universe sends my way.
I will always be intelligent, under the enchantment of books and the wisdom with in them. Knowledge filed away in every inch of my brain ready to be chose, just like a pokemon, for a battle against the world.
I will always have embers in my bones, growing like wildfire with every step I take, every move I make.
I will always have a sharp tongue and a sharper mind: razor blades cutting through any slander thrown my way.

I will ever be beautiful but I will always be kind - vibrating within me, an abundance of kindness and compassion ready to be unleashed into the galaxy. I will never be beautiful but I will always have a talent igniting my soul, exploding parts of me into corners of the universe. I will never be beautiful but I will always be flawlessly flawed.

I will never be beautiful and I will never choose to be: I will always choose love, light and freedom.
Fuck your beauty standards, give me authentic, raw imperfection.
Love yourself how you are, and for who you are.


  1. This is so lovely! It shows how beautiful we can be in completely different ways - I find supermodels look so alike these days and I yearn for people to embrace a different kind of beauty, one that isn't always 'photogenic', the way we speak, move, express oneself :D you have the loveliest name and blog, I adore your writing style, it's my kind of beautiful! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you, love. Do you think supermodels all look the same because of the media or because people are just scared to be themselves?
      You're ever so kind, Elizabeth. Big love to you xx

  2. I think you're beautiful. You may not have and want all those things but the things you said you do have is what makes YOU beautiful. This was a lovely read hun :) x

    Claire | My Little Memoir

    1. You're making me blush, Claire. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :-))
      What post should I write next, do you think? x

  3. Hi Arora, long time no see or speak.Im not sure if you will remember me tho. I hope you are well honey. That was beautifully put and more importantly honest and you are stunning in your own unique way. Why on earth would you or anyone want to look or be like anyone else anyway. I didnt realise you were so wise, you are an old soul girly. Sending you lots of love and blessings.

    1. lol The message above was from me, Sarah Moss by the way. Max,s mum. I did not mean to publish that as an unknown.

    2. Hi Sarah, of course I remember you! Hope you're all okay?
      Thank you for your kind words :-)
      Lots of love to you, Cleo and Max xx

  4. Amazing post, i love it :) xxxxxx

  5. this is beautiful. you've said what many wants to cry out and say but unable to at times. you've covered it all in such a small post. it's very powerful, I love it hun. you are very beautiful. society is effed up.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! How do you think we could help change peoples perceptions of beauty? x

    2. media. media and media.
      people need to be okay having a bared face with no make up.
      people need to be okay with not having to dress up all the time.
      media is the main influence.
      and that is the reason why media needs to change the perceptions.
      it will start of small like people like you and me.
      but i hope people continue to spread messages like this.

    3. I completely agree. It's down to us as society to spread the message because we're the ones who fund the media and the beauty products etc. If people loved themselves as they are there would be no need for those corporations x

  6. Flipping love this! I think it's the passion, the kindness and intelligence that draws me to people. I love the way people look when they are talking about a subject they're pasionate about. How their eyes dance and the big grin. Energy exudes from them.
    Great post!
    Kate xx

    1. I completely agree Kate, it's what's behind the flesh and bones that really count (for me, anyway) xx