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I'm really sorry for the crap quality of the photo's today, I had to shoot with my Iphone

Add a little luck to your Friday 13th!

I'm dead excited to present this GIVEAWAY to you guys! I've teamed up with ALBOBOX* to host a giveaway to help promote their relaunch, hopefully you guys will love their products as much as I do 'cause there are some fantastic things up for grabs! PLUS it's dead easy to enter!

ALBOXBOX* is a company that wants to help people. Their products all help release those feel good chemicals in your brain; whether it's from the touch, smell or the simple act of receiving something new! They offer pre-made boxes or you can buy the products individually. They have only just relaunched so show a little bit of love and support.

To have your name entered ONCE, all you have to do is share/RT this post with the hashtag #ALBOgiveaway and follow me on twitter

To have your name entered TWICE, you have to share/RT this post with the hashtag #ALBOgiveaway , follow me on twitter AND  instagram.

To have your name entered THREE TIMES, you have to share/RT this post with the hashtag #ALBOgiveaway , follow me on twitter ,  instagram AND upload a photo of your fav' possession with the hashtag #ALBOgiveaway

I will be announcing the winner on June 1st 2016!

ALSO; Many of you took part on twitter,  facebook and in the comment section trying to figure out the answer to my detective game and now the day has come to reveal the answer! Mark Williams hit the nail on the head with his answer "It was the dad. The ensuite cupboard doors were open and the shot was from the bedroom door therefore the girl was between the en-suite and the gunman. Therefore the gunman had to be entering the bedroom not leaving. Mr Green watches the house so would know the boy and girl were in ,so not him. The gardener had access at anytime so would wait till it was empty. Mr green watches the house so anyone apart from the family would raise suspicion. The girl was in the ensuite heard her dad come home and when he got to the bedroom door she yelled raaa to try and scare him but the father knowing that a thief was operating in the area entered the bedroom noticed the cupboard doors were open so assumed a burglary drew his gun in selfdefence but when the girl yelled he shot her. Bill the thief could have been watching bbc iplayer or something similar" so there we have it, it was the dad!


  1. Done and Done :) Fingers crossed lovely xxx


  2. Woww..amazing giveaway! Good luck to all participants!

  3. That giveaway seems lovely! Good luck to all!

    <3: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  4. Awesome Giveaway! Love that wee sign about happiness too (good luck to everyone)

  5. Cute stuff in that box, what a lovely giveaway!

    Kelly Knows It | A lifestyle blog

  6. Hahaha. This is a really interesting idea. And I love the stuff in the box! :)

    Caren |

  7. That box looks so cute! I love peppermint and orchid scents, and that elephant Party Animal is adorable. Great giveaway!

  8. Awesome! I love the book with the map on it! What a great idea :)

  9. This box is so great. What a great gift idea!

  10. Nice GA. Love the little chick. It´s realy cute ��