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Dating a Writer: Expectations VS Reality

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Slightly different post today - a little bit of humour for good measure. The idea hit me as I was pulling my laptop out of baes hand to quickly write something down before the idea flew away.

Expectations: We will write about you all the time
Reality: Granted, we will probably write about you but not all the time. Not all of our characters are based on you, nor our poetry.
(If we do base out character on you and you piss us off, expect your character to have an unforeseen painful death)

Expectations: We will be up all day and night writing on our typewriter like the cliché we are
Reality: We will probably be in bed or on the sofa watching netflix trying to combat our writers block (which happens more than you realise)

Expectations: We will earn an abundant amount of money because all authors are rich
Reality: LOL okay. Show us the $$$ buddy. You clearly know the secret to becoming a rich author so let us all in on it. It'll save us SO MANY rejection e-mails/letters

Expectations: We have set working hours
Reality: When we're on a roll, we're on a roll. An idea can hit us at ANY moment so we're always ready for it. Be prepared to wake up at 3am to find us tripping over trying to find something to write on because angel Gabriel visited us in our dreams with an idea we couldn't ignore.  

Expectations: We will spend the rest of eternity writing about you and how you broke our hearts
Reality: Unless you shared the secret of becoming an ever-so-rich author, chances are we have received THOUSANDS of rejection letters. Getting rejected from you is just another getting slung on the pile.

Let me know what you think and if you can relate!
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  1. haha this is great! Also, inspiration comes at the weirdest times and you have to act on it... xx

    1. Yes haha there's been many times where I've had an idea within one of my dreams that I've had to wake up and quickly write down! x

  2. Haha love this! I work 12/12 so I can totally relate! xx

  3. I absolutely loved this haha! So accurate x

  4. This was so cute and funny. Great post about the reality! :)

    S .x