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Playing detective

Whilst we were on the train back from Wales, Shane and I were discussing how I would be a great detective 'cause I'm extremely nosey and curious so I decided to make up a detective game. Shane wrote out a case study including the crime, witnesses and a little bit of detail and I had to figure out who done the crime (He wrote the answer beforehand so he couldn't cheat and change his answer) I managed to get the story and the motive right, just the person was wrong. I want to see how you guys do:

9 year old girl shot in house.

The body of a 9 year old girl was found in the parents bedroom with one single shot wound in the chest surrounded by a pool of blood. There was no signs of a break in, nothing was taken from the house and there were no obvious foot prints found. The only strange thing was that the cupboard doors in the parents en-suite bathroom were wide open.
  Neighbours say they heard the gun shot at approximately 11pm and the brother claimed to have heard a loud "RAAAA!" before the sound of the gun shot. The shot was taken approximately from the bedroom door way and gun experts say the bullet came from a heavy magnum which means it would have needed a strong man to pull the trigger. 


A thief known to target areas local to the incident. 
"I was at home watching soaps"

The Brother: 15 years old, was in the house when incident took place
"I was listening to music when I heard a loud "RAAAA""

Mr. Green: The nosey neighbour who usually watches the house from his window
"I was in my house"

The Dad: At a party at the time of the incident and came home to find her dead.
"I came home from a party and found her this way"

Tom: The gardener who has keys to the house. Only owns a single pair of shoes used for gardening and personal activities.
"I was cooking for my family"

So detective, do you know what happened?


  1. The Dad - She was in their room and he thought she was a thief? 'Found her this way' but the brother was home so surely the brother investigated the gunshot. Unless it was the brother who had done it.

  2. I love this! But I have no idea and it's driving me crazy! Did she commit suicide because she was being neglected by her parents?! Please tell me!

    1. Aha I'm glad people like it, I may do one a month! The answer will be revealed in today's post at 12pm xx