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Sleepover for one

Everyone tells you to love your own solitude: to enjoy your own company. Some people fret about being left alone with their thoughts because they may over think and work themselves up, you're not alone on that one. Recently I've been dead paranoid about my health and so I worry that I'm going to have a heart attack at any second if I'm left alone - I like the comfort of just having someone there just in case anything did happen. It also doesn't help when I believe that whatever you put into the universe, the universe will say yes to. Which means if I keep thinking and worrying about having a heart attack, it's more likely to happen. Crazy? Maybe. Stupid? Definitely. Can I help it? Not really. So the best way I try and combat these thoughts is with a sleep over: Everyone loves a good sleepover don't they, and I've recently realised that a sleepover for one is WAY better than having a group sleep over beacuse lol you get ALL the junk food AND get to pick the film without being judged or moaned at! Thinking of it as a sleepover for one has really helped put my mind at rest when Shane's been out at night and I hope this will appeal to you guys, too. Even if you're not anxious and an over thinker, I still think a sleepover for one is definitely the way forward. Here's my tips and tricks:

1. Run a bath, slap on some face masks and pop some cucumbers on your eyes. Smother yourself in bubbles and sweat out all your toxins. Wash your face mask off, rinse yourself with lukewarm water so you don't get out feeling sticky from sweat and plaster on your favourite body butter to leave you feeling smooth and smelling fresh.

2. Slip on your best pyjamas, you know the ones that make you feel like a sexy mistress to a rich old man? Yeah those ones. The ones that are soft and silky on your skin and don't ride up giving you the Simon Cowell look. Maybe slip on some fluffy slippers to guarantee toasty tootsies.

3. Prepare your munchies. Make a big pot of tea, with little jars of milk and sugar and pop it on a tray. Select your junk food and bring it out to the settee making sure it's all within arms reach. Grab your duvet, prop your pillows and get comfy but make sure the remote(s) aren't across the room first!

4. Pick your film, whether its a eye watering comedy, a cry-your-heart-out romance or a teeth gritting action thriller choose one that you're actually going to watch (not just sit there on your phone with it on in the background)

5. Relax, switch off your phone, indulge mindlessly in your tv and laugh, cry, or hide as much as you please without having to try and 'stay cool'

What do you guys do to enjoy your own company?


  1. This sounds like the best night EVER xx

    1. You should try it, Cara. You won't be disappointed! xx

  2. I bloody love this idea, a sleepover for one. I especially love that it means you get to eat ALL the junk. I don't like sharing my food aha.

    I'm also a massive irrational overthinker, especially when left alone so I'm totally with you on that one xx

    1. haha eating all the junk food is my FAVOURITE part! xx