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A weekend in Wales

Friday afternoon the sun rays shone upon my face and the wind blew through my hair. Wandering down to the lower gardens where the newly bloomed flowers brightened up the pathway I stop in awe of the flowing stream and remember how beautiful Bournemouth truly is. We stroll hand in hand up to subway, adding laughter to the surrounding background noise of people talking, singing, laughing - enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  We stop to look at the vivid street art hidden on the side of a car park wall and I shamelessly made Shane take some photo's of me because I was looking goood! Walking down, I spot a zip wire in the park which unleashed the child within and ran toward it with open arms. As I zoomed through the air, the wind in my hair and excitement in my tummy had me feeling like I was 5 years old again. I loved it!
We made our way up to the train station and enjoyed a light snack before boarding. I love looking out of the window at the passing colours, houses, animals. It makes me feel like I'm in a music video. My favourite place to pass by on train is Bradford-on-avon 'cause they have magnificent streams, mini waterfalls and fields to look at. 

We arrive in Newport and are greeted with the loving eyes, wide smiles and even wider arms of my grandparents. Exchanging hugs, kisses and hello's we climb into the car and head home. I smile to myself as my nan tells me a story she told me only hours before on the phone but I don't mind - I love her and I love that little quirk. The sun is still shining as we arrive home and we order domino pizza and kebabs - nothing says welcome home more than a good take away! 

Saturday morning rolls around and it's fairly bright outside giving me high hopes for the day. Nan gives us a lift to the train station where we were presented with at least 50 other people on the platform (bare in mind cwmbran is a little town and never has more that 7 people at the station so this was a big deal) 2 trains zoomed passed, too full to stop for us. I should've known in that moment nothing was going to go right but still, like the stubborn geeks we are, we persisted and got the bus to Cardiff instead. It was judgement day (the welsh take rugby very seriously) so the public transport services were all packed and the streets of cardiff were even worse when we finally got there (we left the house at 11 and got to Cardiff at 2:30)
We managed to fight our way through the crowds and got to the field just as the sky turned grey and the rain began to pour. We stroll down grasping our coats to pick a spot to paint. We choose the end wall with some rather crap squiggles that you can't even read on it. I popped my bum on the floor, rolled a fag and whipped my book out as Shane started to paint. The smell of spray paint hits my nostrils and the sun starts to shine down my back. I smile and continue taking notes from my book.

Arriving home, a catastrophe happens and we rush Shane into hospital. I hate hospitals, they make me so nervous. I always think I'm going to catch whatever the other people have. Two children were sick and I had to go to the toilet to hide - it smelt, no one cleaned it up and I didn't want a sickness bug. Shane was seen within an hour which I was quite pleased about - they done lots of different tests and eventually gave him some opiates and sent him up to a ward for the night, I was allowed to get him settled then I had to go home which I wasn't pleased about but what can you do ey. I couldn't sleep that night, I curled up on the sofa with my cat and watched tv until I dropped off for an hour. The following morning I was back up the hospital with Shane. He finally got released Monday afternoon which was a relief.

I spent the last few days watching Ugly Betty whilst Shane caught up on his commission work. Wednesday afternoon we packed our stuff up and headed back to the train station. It was a beautiful day, sun shining, the cat rolling around on the floor and light laughter from our hearts.
I always get a little sad when I leave Wales, it's my home and my family are there. It was harder this time leaving my cat. We had to get him re-homed so he's with my cousins girlfriends parents now. They're very kind in saying whenever I visit, they will bring (yes that's what i named my cat) over for a few days so I can see him. They've got 3 other cats so I hope is happy there and gets lots of love and cuddles and gets on with the other cats. I gave him a massive kiss and we left for the train station. I always count how many stops before I have to get off just so I don't miss it. (There's 10, sometimes 11.) Bags in hand, the train arrives and we climb on board, waving to my Nan as she pretends to run with the train as we drive off.

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