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What would YOU do if you won the lottery?


It's a very vague question so lets say what would YOU do if you won the lottery worth 10 million pounds? Now we've got a set amount, we can start thinking of it as actual money and not an unlimited supply of money that appears out of thin air.
I don't think my answers will be very 'conventional' but then who know's, maybe I'm not as dark and mysterious as I think (lol that's deffo a joke I'm the most open person you can meet there is never any mystery ha) So what would YOU do if you won the lottery you ask?

I would:

1. Buy 2 standard houses: Nothing fancy, but in a decent area, I would then rent them out so I have a permanent flow of income. Lol I know, how sensible of me I'm such an adult.

2. Buy a double decker bus and convert it into a living place: Multiple beds, a little shower area and a little kitchen area. I would then employ someone to drive it around every night for homeless people to have a safe place to sleep in, to have something to eat and to have a shower.

3. Buy a camper van: do my driving test, buy a SHIT TON of spray paint and surprise bae with it (then go spray painting and blogging around Europe living off the money from my houses.)

4. Set up a little feel good cafe: I've always wanted a little cafe where people come to feel connected to the community, to drink and eat good food and to just be a safe haven for the public.

5. Put the rest in a savings account to collect the interest (if there's any left lol.)
I'd probably give my family a bit of money too obviously but that kinda goes without saying yanno.

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?
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  1. I would pay off all my parents debt.
    Take them on an island vacation.
    Give money to as many charities as I can.
    Spoil myself here and there.
    Purchase an apartment.
    Open my own small cafe and run it.
    and a whole lot more haha.

    I would list everything I would do, but it would take up most of the comment section haha.
    Great post lovely! I love your cafe idea, i have the same dream to do that!


    1. Nice ideas, you have a good heart by the sounds of it Tori x

  2. Loved this post as it's definitely something everyone has thought about haha. The idea of converting a double decker bus is genius and so selfless xx

    1. Yeah haha everyone's fantasized about it at one point in their lives haha glad you enjoyed reading it x

  3. LOVE this, haha!

    I'd repay the loans from the bank of mum!
    Take my family on holidays :)
    Do a Masters degree.
    Buy a house and then rent my flat I have now out (also boring and adult and sensible)
    Travel, a lot. Probably on a yacht which I'd pay my brother a ridiculous amount to skipper for me, so I can drink rum in the sun!


    1. Thank you Kate! Haha yeah I think we'd all be repaying loads from our parents lol x

  4. I'd do all the obvious things like pay off my student debt and buy a house for myself and my parents. What I'd really like to do is open big co-working space for freelancers and set up various inspiring events. I'd probably also just spend a lot of time travelling too and seeing the world :) Japan first!


    1. That's a cool idea, I actually thought of doing that too as like a business thing but don't have the funds. Such a great idea though Michelle x

  5. I would definitely do number 1 :) it's a brill investment hehe.