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A few months ago I had just quit my full-time job due to mental health reasons. 

I wanted to take the dive into full-time blogging. I was absolutely shitting it because lol I have a flat and bills and even though I had savings I could live off, what was I to do when they ran out and I wasn't making money through my writing?
We went to Wales to visit my Nan and Bamps, whilst we were there I got an email from Scarlett London inviting me to the #BloggersBall in London on the 18th June. The #BloggersBall is an event which connects Bloggers/YouTubers to brands, helping to build relationships between the two and helps produce opportunities to work with each other. It also helps connect bloggers to each other, creating a stronger community full of positivity, empowerment, and inspiration. I was absolutely delighted because hello universe thank you for listening and giving me a sign that it was the right decision.
(I believe the universe helps you find the right path and purpose in life cause well I grew up with hippies haha) I squealed with joy as I told Shane about the opportunity, I'd only been unemployed for a day and things were already going to plan. We booked our train tickets and I RSPV'd to say I was deffo attending and I'm so glad I did!

So last Saturday the sky was gloomy and my alarm was set for 5:30am. 

I had booked the coach for 8am 'cause yanno, it was a fiver and I was now unemployed lol. My alarm screamed in my ear and I sleepily crawled out of bed, snapchatting the experience like I promised I would it comes with the job haha. I plugged in my straighteners and started to curl my hair - I had tried the night before with actual curling tongs but they left me devastated cause I spend TWO fucking HOURS curling my hair with those poxy 5-year-old curling tongs and the curls fell out within FIVE MINUTES! I was tampin' but sucked it up and tried again in the morning. Thankfully the curls stayed but it left me only like half an hour to do my makeup, eat breakfast, pack all my shit and iron my clothes I know, I know, so organised as per usual. I managed to do the best winged eyeliner I have ever done before and I almost cried obviously I had to stop myself cause that'd defeat the point. We got out on schedule and even had enough time to grab a cheeky Mc.Donalds breakfast cause yanno, no road trip is complete without a Maccy's. I also bought a disposable camera because I am a massive wannabe hipster I joke, I'm not a wannabe, I just am a massive hipster sometimes. 

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We got to London at 10:30am and I wanted to go home by 11am. 

As soon as we walked out of the coach station about 10 people within 5 minutes decided to either walk into me or suddenly stopped walking so I walked into them. I can't hack it as a Londoner, I expressed it in a snapchat video where I told Londoners they needed to learn how to walk. I still stand by that humorous statement though I don't wish to offend anyone the taxi drivers I spoke to agreed with me so there's that. You know I'm right. 

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After my tantrum over walking 2 hours to Waterloo, 

Shane got me a cup of tea and escorted me to a taxi. I arrived at Chiquitos where I met a few other bloggers, mind you I was absolutely shitting myself cause I'd never met any of them before in my life, but they all seemed friendly enough. We got into DSTRKT and was welcomed by Scarlett herself who gave us a program of the event which included all of the brands details so we could contact them in the future. 
The first thing I went to was the Magic Mirror PhotoBooth by Scissorpic events - there was a variety of props to choose from me being a real O-G I chose the big pink fluffy scarf which made me feel like snoop and a sign which read "Thug Life" in old school gangster/graffiti script. I threw gang signs and weird Zoolander style pouts with the girls and we got given the prints and a goodie bag which was amazing. 

Magic mirror, props, selfies, scissorpic, sweets

We wandered around and stumbled upon Lipivir.

They were holding a few games and a raffle, one of the games was to be blindfolded and to draw a face on a piece of paper, mine was dire to be honest though I still kept it cause I'm a massive hoarder and all that. I got my photo taken by one of their representatives with MORE fun props to play around with. Mate, I was having the time of my life THEN we got handed more goodie bags after speaking to another representative who was very cheerful, friendly and informative. He then told us to visit ANOTHER representative who gave us free lipstick. We sat chatting to her for a good while cause we were helping her organise the lipsticks again cause we're animals and pick things up and put them in the wrong place lol. She was very nice and I settled on the shade 'Heartbreaker' cause she was wearing it and it looked stunning on her. 

Lipstick, lipivir, sweets, chocolate

After that, we went and saw Tessuti where I met Jen.

She deals with the PR and Marketing of the company and she was so lovely! We were chatting away, she showed us this new bag which was on display and she showed me this cheeky little Calvin Klein jumper which I had spotted and absolutely fell in LOVE with - honestly, it is the most beautiful jumper and I felt the inside and it felt like what I imagine clouds feel like! They even piled us up with marshmallows which tasted AMAZING and their business cards had sweets attached to them.. SWEETS! *heart eyed emoji*

tessuti, marshmallows

I looked around and there were so many people in the venue. 

The energy was amazing and my stomach started to feel like it was one of those pots where you shake glitter out of, you know the ones you had in primary school when you made a pretty picture with glue and glitter. I actually got a little emotional inside cause well, I'd been up since half 5 and I tend to get a bit emosh when I see people progressing and making steps towards making a better life for themselves. Honestly, the energy and atmosphere in there was magical and enchanting.

I met a load more people representing all kinds of brands.

From beauty, skincare, haircare, fashion, coffee and chocolate. There was such a variety I didn't manage to meet and introduce myself to everyone. That's why Scarlett's program is so handy, see! I spoke with the lovely ladies from Just Beauty, who gave me a goodie bag full of nail varnishes and a nail file which has come in more handy than you think! Plus it's a dead posh one which feels all smooth until you run your nails on it. It's amazing. I met the JewelleryBox ladies who gave me a gorgeous silver necklace and ring. I met the girls from Vatika who gave me FULL SIZED products of shampoo and conditioner suited for my hair (coloured, dry and brittle) so I can't wait to try them out and getting my hair looking all sleek and shiny again. Then last but not least, I met the So..? Fragrances girls and smelt some of their new range which lemme tell you, smells bloody insane! I was particularly a big fan of the Rio fragrance - it smelled real citrusy and fresh. Dead summery so it made me happy cause well, I think we've had our summer now guys. They gave me a big pink goodie bag too which was full of perfumes and body sprays hopefully they weren't indicating that I smelt bad lol but when I got home and opened the goodie bag the Rio perfume was in there and honestly I was over the moon thanks again, universe you bloody beautiful entity!

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Time flew by and it was time to leave.

I lugged my collection of goodies through Leicester Square to grab a taxi - by this time my feet were killing as I'd been wearing heels for over 10 hours and my arm was aching from the amount of goodies I had I shouldn't really be complaining about that but Shane carries most of my stuff these days so at least it made me appreciate that a little more. I got back to Leake street where Shane was and I told him about the event as he finised up his piece. He asked if I was hungry and told me we were going out for dinner, which I thought was extremely nice of him. We went into this posh steakhouse around the corner and enjoyed a refreshing lemon water and chicken salad yes I became one of those people who orders a salad over a burger but I wanted something refreshing as it was so stuffy in the venue due to the large amounts of people inside. We spoke about our days and stuffed our faces with food before heading back to the coach station. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed it all I couldn't wait to get into bed with my fresh sheets, a big cup of tea, big brother on catch up and a big cuddle from Shane.

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Have YOU ever been to a bloggers event? What was your experience like?


  1. Aw this sounds amazing!

  2. This sounds wonderful, chick!
    Sounds like an experience you will always treasure! I have never been to a blogger event yet so this was a very interesting insight to what it's like chick!
    Keep up the good work!

    Lots of love
    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Yeah it was amazing - so worth the blisters and the week long exhaustion lol xx

  3. I saw pictures of this and it did look very busy, you chose wise to wear a dress! Was this your first event? I've been to a couple, my first was the Blogger Blog Awards last year that TeaPartyBeauty organised, I was so nervous, but it went so fast in the end!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. It was SO busy! I wore a jumpsuit but it does look like a dress in the photos lol. Yeah this was my first ever event! What were yours like, Amy? xx

  4. Replies
    1. It was fantastic Heather! Have you ever been to a bloggers event? x

  5. It was such a great event!! I can see it didn't start off good for you, but I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! I literally felt like my arms were going to fall off from all the goodies I was carrying haha. Lovely read!

    1. It was, wasn't it! Same my arms were so sore but felt I couldn't complain cause it was so generous of everyone to give us so many amazing goodies! Maybe i'll see you at the next on Laila xx

  6. I'm a newbie blogger and wondering if I'm ever going to get anywhere by blogging. I left my full-time job at the end of May due to my anxiety and I am still wondering if it was the right thing because low and behold, the rent; bills; debts are due and my bank account hasn't changed so fun fun fun!
    I do wonder what would happen if I ever went to a blogger event lol maybe my luck would change!

    1. Sounds like me lovely. I left my full time job in April due to anxiety and I wanted to pursue full time blogging. I was worried about my bills but it's working out great for me - sometimes you have to listen to your gut. If it feels right and if it is right, everything will go smoothly.
      Have you thought about approaching brands and businesses yourself? xx

  7. This sounds amazing! I'd love to be able to throw myself into getting my blog off the ground and get to a stage where I could go to events but it's just finding the time. Sounds like you're doing really well!

    1. Yeah, I think the timing was right with me - follow your gut lovely xx