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DreamCreateDo #DreamBiggerListProject

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Okay so I stumbled upon Rachel's blog dreamcreatedo and I LOVE it! So helpful and positive and omg I'm in love with the visuals - so many clean and crisp photos I'm super jealous whenever I click onto the website.
But there we go. I came across a post of hers called the #DreamBiggerListProject - I don't know if I'm a little late for this, I probs am cause I'm always late for everything tbf but I liked the look and the idea of it so I thought why the fuck not. You guys can join in too! All you have to do is copy & paste the Q's & answer them. I don't know why I felt I needed to tell you that cause how else are you gunna join in? lol anyway here are the questions:

Three things you can't live without:

1. Tea.

I know, I know, how very bloody British of me whoops there I go again but no, tea solves EVERYTHING like if I'm angry: have a cuppa tea, if I'm sad: have a cuppa tea, if I'm happy: have a cup of tea. I think I'm kinda addicted because I get headaches if I've not had a cup of tea in the day. I used to drink like 8 cups of coffee daily (I know I don't know how I'm still alive either) so it's kind of crazy to think tea has more of a hold over me. I drank coffee for like 2 years and we ran out one day so I thought fuck it I'll have a cup of tea and honest to god in that first sip which mildly burnt the back of my throat I literally turned into the woman on the adverts who practically orgasms whilst drinking the beverage. No joke - it was THE BEST cup of tea EVER and I've not looked back since. How British, I literally have a fucking STORY about TEA hahaha.

2. My phone. 

Obvs. It's great, it's handy, it helps me procrastinate. But I'm kinda lying - If push came to shove and my life was at stake, I could live without my phone but touch wood that never happens so as it stands, I'd be pretty lost without my phone and THAT is why it's on my list (soz i deffo sound like simon cowell saying that in my head)

3. Bae and/or Mr cat. 

Okay so I'm currently living without Mr.Cat (if you haven't guessed it yet, he's my cat) I was totally a dog person before him but his big paws and his wide eyes totally stole my heart and I think about him every day (I'm hunting for a flat that allows pets so I can have him again cause I miss him so so much) and Bae. I've lived with bae for SO LONG now it's weird when we spend a night apart. He's my boo and I'd be totally lost without him so lets hope that never happens ey.

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Three things you're obsessed with right now:

1. My health. 

Hahaha I know it's not funny cause it's pretty unhealthy the way I'm obsessing over my health recently but it's true. I've got a therapy consultation on the 16th June so fingers crossed they'll help me fix my brain. I'm like a walking talking self help book but sometimes you need someone else to give you that extra nudge like MATE LISTEN TO WHAT YOU PREACH YOU DICKHEAD YOU'RE NOT BEING VERY NICE TO YOURSELF AND THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE! (I realised I needed to start loving myself again whilst reading Laura's book Becoming - soz that was a lot of links but so worth checking them out)

2. Hannah Gale's Youtube Channel. 

If you follow me on twitter you'd have seen me posting about how I've binge watched all of them etc. and basically being a MASSIVE fangirl (sorrynotsorry) and yeah since I started my channel like last week I've been obsessed with vlogs and shit. Tell a lie, I was obsessed with Hannahs videos way before I started my own because she over shares and I'm REALLY nosy so it's great haha.

3. Instagram. 

I've always loved a bit of instagram, but since I've started doing mini photo blogs: basically I write about the previous day in the caption and try to be funny. I've seen a MASSIVE increase of 1.Followers and 2.Interaction. and I'm loving it. Though I get really mad if the lighting isn't right for a photo or someone's rushing me so I can't get the perfect shot lol


Three books that have had a big impact on you:

1. Big magic 

I did write a post about Big magic here explaining WHY I love it but basically it's the creative's handbooks and if you're in a slump I really really recommend reading it. It is AMAZING

2. Becoming

I mentioned this briefly a minute ago but honestly this book is THE ONE! I've been reading Laura's blog for ages now and I was honestly so proud of her for achieving her dream/goal. I don't know her, we've tweeted a few times (which I shamelessly fangirl all over every time) but my heart and soul was beaming and I done a little squeak with a funny dance when she announced she had the book deal (then I done a BIGGER squeak and dance when said book arrived through my letterbox) I've not finished it yet, I don't want to finish it because then it's over and I'll compare every book with it and none of them will match up so I will just forever read and re-read this book taking new lessons and perspectives from it. This time around, I realised that I needed to love myself. There's a part where basically people tell her she's amazing and a good human being and this time she believes them and is like hell yeah I AM a good human being and I literally cried because omg yay she's on the right path after being heartbroken and because omg I wish I thought of myself that way - then the lightbulb came on and was like uhh Arora? You can. You just gotta love yourself girl. But I'll write a bigger better post on this next week when I finish it.  

3. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

This was the first ever self help book I read and my god it changed my life. Re-reading it, after reading so many other self help books which dive into why and how the things they tell us to do work, the book seems a little basic BUT it is a great book if you wanna test the waters of self help books cause it's really easy to read and it gets you like OMG YES ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE I AM A BADASS BITCH AND I'M GUNNA ACT THAT WAY FROM NOW ON. So yeah, it's great. You should deffs add it to your reading list (I know you got one inside that cheeky lil bullet journal)

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Three people you admire:

1. Mum

Okay, so my mum is one bad ass bitch! She's one of the strongest women I know and the shit she's overcome is outstanding. I have massive respect for my momma and I know I was a little shit when I was younger but she looked as my rebellion as "a learning curve" literally I heard that SO MUCH when I was younger cause all my naughtiness was learning curves lol. She did shout at me a lot too but she was right - I've learnt and I'm a nice young lady now so thanks momma big love to you xx

2. Shane

Goes without saying really, he's one of the most talented people I know and the kindness with in his heart knows no limits. He inspires me to be a better person every day and he listens to me and looks at EVERYTHING with such positivity it's refreshing. Honestly, his heart and soul are so pure and loving. There's not an evil bone in his body and like I said, he makes me the best version of myself. Always.

3. Nan & Bamps

Technically they're two individual people but they come as a pair in my eyes. They have been there and supported me my entire life. They both have pure hearts of gold. Everything they do is from the kindness of their hearts. We have our differences in life choices because they're quite old-school and conventional whereas I'm very much the opposite but they still support and advise me in everything I wish to do. I honestly can't imagine what my life would be like without them *SPOILER: probably crap!*

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Three favourite tools/apps:

1. Instagram

Okay so since I started photo blogging on my Instagram I never really used it. I love photos and I love oversharing my life so it's the perfect combo! I get v.jel of how clean and crisp people's photos are but it motivates me to do better more than anything else. I don't really compare myself to people so Instagram isn't a big issue, though if you do struggle with self-esteem issues and compare yourself to others I would advise not following the 'bigger' bloggers because you may feel inadequate.

2. Twitter

I LOVE TWITTER. I used to fucking hate it. Like literally HATE IT. I used to only use it like twice a year to say "hello" then I'd piss off over to facebook again but since blogging I've met SO MANY people on twitter and I honestly cannot live without it now. That's bad isn't it haha oh well, I love twitter and you should tweet me 

3. Snapchat

I've only just started using snapchat (add me: b0rialis) and I'm in love. Mostly videos of me trying to rap, blogging stuff and selfies so yeah add me it's great and I love the pig filter 

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Save this photo or scan it on snapchat to add me! ( b0rialis )

Three things you want to achieve before the end of 2016:

1. Go full-time blogging

So I've already achieved this one, it wasn't exactly planned but it happened and it's great so I'm happy with where I am in life right now

2. Print my poetry book

I'm really bad at keeping suprises secret, especially ones that I'm dead excited about. I'm printing a poetry book with a twist, it'll only be like 20 pages and I'm nearly there (5 poems left to write) so I'm dead excited to get it all finished and printed and I'd love if you guys bought it (aiming for it to be cheap as chips like £5-£7)

3. Love myself again

So I'm writing a big post on this on Monday but here's a little summary post on how I came to the realisation that I needed to love myself again. All I'm saying is read BECOMING! 

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If you had to evacuate your home what three things would you take with you:

1. Photos of me my nan & bamps in clown frames

I have a pair of framed photos of me, my nan and my brother, then me, my bamps and my brother at Christmas Both are in clown frames: I'm petrified of clowns but they've not been in any other frame since I can remember. They used to be on my nans' bedside cabinet in the old house where I grew up and they're my favourite photos because of the memories they bring me

2. Rose painting

Shane painted this AMAZING BEAUTIFUL rose painting and it's in a pretty white frame and I helped paint a little bit and it reminds me of when we got together and I love it so so much it is beautiful and he is so talented and it's my favourite painting ever

3. My notebooks

They contain literally everything. I couldn't let them burn. I'd cry so hard.

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Let me know your answers in the comments!


  1. Loved this post, may have to try it out myself! Also I'm the same when it comes to my notebooks, I'd run out carrying all 30 of them haha x

    1. Thank you, Isabelle! You should definitely do your own, link me if you do!
      Hah yeah same, the amount of notebooks I have is ridiculous xx

  2. Omg thank you so much for sharing Rachel's blog, I'm in love!! I really like the idea & the questions as well so I'll definitely have to do this post myself as well :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  3. Ah I love the idea of this post, think I might also have to do it!

    Laughed at this: You should deffs add it to your reading list (I know you got one inside that cheeky lil bullet journal)
    cos it's true, I do haha

    Michelle • Macaroons

    1. Yaaas if you do one, link me to it please, Michelle!
      Haha I'm glad someone other than myself finds me ~slightly~ funny lol xx

  4. Arora! I LOVE your list!! Thank you so much for being part of it. I love that you'd take your notebooks with you in a fire - I feel the same way about mine :-) xx

    1. Thanks Rachel! Thank you for creating the wonderful list! Look fowrard to doing more of your challenges/prompts :) xx