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My First Love - Part 2

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It was new years eve and I was on top of the world, I caught the bus into town and met my boyfriend, I blushed every time I thought of him as my boyfriend because I had waited so long to call him that! I met him in the square, as always and he kissed me hello: a bit on the wet sloppy side but it woke up the thousand bats that had seemed to be sleeping inside my stomach (
I met him in the square, as always and he kissed me hello: a bit on the wet sloppy side but it woke up the thousand bats that had seemed to be sleeping inside my stomach (I'd say butterflies but 1. that's too generic and 2. we were emo kids so bats seemed more fitting lol.)

He passed me a earphone and I popped it in my ear, worrying whether I'd get ear wax all over it how embarrassing we were cheek to cheek.. well, my cheek on his jaw cause I'm a short arse. He took my hand and we started to dance, slowly - nothing magnificent just swayed back and forth a few times but still, this was the first boy I've ever cared about. It was just like the movies! The bats in my stomach woke again and I could feel myself turning bright red as we kissed. Our friends "awwing" in the background.

I'm not sure why, but we weren't going to the same party on new years eve. I was going to a girl's that was a friend of a friend and he was going god knows where with his friends. As day turned to dusk and darkness filled the air we said our goodbyes, I kissed him one last time not thinking that would be the last time I'd kiss him forever and set off to meet my friends.

We were at the bowling green, sat around on the damp dew filled grass, passing the big bottle of vodka mixed with 17p coke, all making that funny face every pulls after a shot until the vodka had warmed our throats and our stomachs enough. We saw a few friends coming to join us, beers and vodka in tow. We had our own little party going on. We were getting happily drunk until a friend decided to set himself on fire: He covered himself in lynx spray and lit it with a lighter, on purpose He asked whether it would work and I told him to find out. Shocked, I screamed "STOP, DROP, AND ROLL" in which he thumped to the ground and rolled around like a possessed creature. I laughed so hard I couldn't help him, but he wasn't hurt, everything was fine. After that, we thought it'd be best to head to the party so we were in the safety of someone's house rather than outside where you can set yourself on fire. Yanno, the normal dangers of being outside.

As we were walking to the party, a friend took hold of my hand. He claimed it was because I was too drunk.. I wasn't. He then recited a pick up line "I've lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you?" I laugh and say no. I thought it would be awkward as he was my ex boyfriend, the one I had to dump when I got kicked out. But it wasn't awkward, it was easy. We chatted as mates, laughing and joking and drinking.

We polished off the litre of vodka and whatever else there was before we got to the party. Now I was too drunk. I slumped on the sofa and started to watch "A Cinderella Story." I don't know how, or who came on to who, but the next thing I know, I'm making out with my ex boyfriend. Now, I know being drunk isn't an excuse but hand on my heart, as horrible as it sounds, I literally forgot I had a boyfriend. If I was in a conscious state of mind, it wouldn't have happened. Not in one million years. But it did happen and I regret it to this day. So we're making out, I stop him and go get myself another beer. Whilst I'm in the kitchen I decide to have a cigarette. So there I am, puffing away, head resting on the table like a true classy bird, and I need to burp I know, I know, so lady like, so I look up, burp, but instead of just air coming out, projectile vomit spews rapidly out of my mouth. Everyone watching with jaws wide open.

I was so drunk that my projectile vomit didn't phase me. I wasn't embarrassed, I didn't even know what the fuck was happening. I just stared blankly until someone took me outside. They grabbed my friend and we took the long walk back home. Drinking more beer along the way because lol we were hardcore 13 year old's and didn't listen to anyone.. not even our own bodies. We got back to my friends house and I checked my phone. I had a missed call from my boyfriend so I called him back - completely forgetting about the events earlier that night. He was slurring his words down the phone and we arranged to meet. I told him I would walk to where he was and he said he'd ring me back. I found myself eating slices of burger cheese waiting for his call in my friends bed before I passed out to "Absolutely Fabulous" playing on the tv.

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