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Is Instagram harmful?

We all know the power of the media, I usually refer to it as brainwashing because well, it kind of is. We are bombarded with so much propaganda, all pretty much promoting the same way of life: the same beauty standards and the same social structure.
So yeah, we're basically being brainwashed into thinking and acting a certain way. But lets home in on a form of media: Instagram.

Is Instagram harmful? 

I joined a twitter chat last night (igchat) and it was about Instagram obviously and it kinda got me thinking to how it affects me and my life: consciously and subconsciously, and whether or not I deem it 'harmful' at all. Personally, I don't. I don't find Instagram harmful as I know full well that people paint their best selves on social media - especially Instagram - so I don't compare myself to their Insta-feed or have jealousy pulsing through my veins as I scroll through my home page. I understand that even though the majority of the accounts I follow aren't fake, they are however manipulated to show the 'perfect' lifestyle, or more so, their idea of the 'perfect' lifestyle and they drag you into their reality to join them on the ride. Subconsciously however, I can fully hold my hands up and admit that yes, I have been a little brainwashed by Instagram, especially being a blogger. I have been lead to believe that my feed has to be all white and perfect constantly and even though, yes, my feed is quite bright with consistent white backgrounds, it is now actively a choice: I feel it fits the style of my life and my blog and I really like my photo's to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I no longer think that I HAVE to have a feed white as snow to be a 'successful' blogger. But then I got thinking deeper, by having an Instagram account, am I adding to the brainwashing and the harm? I don't lie on my Instagram feed, I write long, honest captions but I do edit my photos, and I only post what looks good in my eyes. Then I started to wonder, do other people look at my feed and compare themselves and their life to mine? Am I causing other people harm by only painting a portrait of my best self and my best life? But even if I am, is it my fault or is it their own? I can't control how others feel or think but should I be more aware to what I post just in case someone may get down and insecure about it because their life doesn't compare? It's a road of whys and what ifs and hypothetical scenarios but ultimately I think if you're not:
1. Old enough to understand that actually people's lives aren't how they portray them online
2. Confident within yourself and are sensitive to comparing yourself and have self esteem issues
then maybe you shouldn't be using Instagram?

Is Instagram harmfull - What do you think?
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  1. The fact that you are ASKING this question shows that you are honest! My view is very much "filter photo non-filtered caption" - striking the balance! At the end of the day IG IS a visual platform, but words should always be honest and REAL.

    Bumble & Be

    1. Yes, I agree: the words should always be a true, authentic representation of yourself and your life!

  2. I like this post. I find the topic utterly interesting as I am, probably, the only living person without Instagram and the reason is precisely what you described in this post. I feel already bad enough about myself from reading 'big blogs'/magazines that I don't need an aesthetically pleasing reminder of that also on my phone. I don't need that sort of stress in my life. Sorry not sorry :)