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Kicked out at 12 (Part 1)

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Look at that cutie on the bike, how could you ever kick her out?

When I was 12, I thought I was the shit. I thought I knew everything and didn't give a fuck. I've never liked the idea of conforming, I was hitting that rebellious teenage stage so I did whatever I wanted to do without a care or second thought for anyone else.
I was smoking, I was drinking, I was wearing my hood up around the house (apparently that was a big issue for my nan at the time?) Yeah, I was a blonde, jumped up white kid thinking she ran the town when in actual fact I was a dumb ass kid who kinda deserved to be kicked out.

It was a warm summers afternoon, a few friends and I were walking through the emerald forest to hunt for our food (there's a Greggs and starbs in town less than 10 minutes away from the school) so we were chatting and laughing, soaking in the summertime air and decided to fuck off school and to stay in town sunbathing and shit but they got worried and went back to school in the last 10 minutes. Thankfully, I found a few friends that had just left school and decided to hang with them. We sat on the cool grass listening to Bullet for my valentine and Avenged sevenfold did I forget to mention I was a MASSIVE emo kid back then? We were just chatting, having a laugh when my phone buzzed. Now I used to do this thing when I was younger, I used to NEVER look at my phone when I was doing something naughty, 'cause I knew I'd have angry text messages which would ruin my day/night so I usually turned it off but this time I didn't. I looked at my phone anxiously and low and behold, there was a text message from my Grandad: "Where the fuck are you? The school rang and said you weren't in school after lunch. Fucking get home now or don't bother coming back at all"  fear instantly flew through my veins but being the arrogant little shit I was, I replied "Fine, I won't come back" shit shit shit shit what the fuck have I done. I immediately regretted sending that text but the damage was done.

Time went by and the sun started to set, the shops began to shut and my friends began to leave. Half of my brain was saying "Rorz, suck it up, swallow your pride and piss off home, it's cold now" and the other half was saying "Na fuck 'em if they don't want you back, don't bother going back. It's their fault" whilst pondering my decision, the heavens decided to open and it started to piss it down with rain.

I started the long walk home because lol I spent all my money on food (nothing's changed there.) I wandered up and down the street a couple hundred times, trying to prepare myself for the predicted shit storm. It was around 11pm now and I was knackered. I was anxious, angry and tired but I pulled my big girl pants up and strutted into that house like nothing had happened, only to find everyone in bed like they didn't care whether I came back or not, so I, as the idiot I was, went back out. I plodded my way up and down the canal until I got so wet I was constantly shivering. I went back home sheepishly ~insert generic welsh joke~  and climbed into my warm bed.

I woke up to hushed voices, my nan telling my brother not to wake me up. A confused frown formed upon my head as I thought "what so my punishment for skipping school is to not let me go in today? Well that makes NO SENSE AT ALL" I reached over to grab my phone but my nan had clearly snuck in and stolen it whilst I was asleep.. along with my laptop and tv. Great. I laid in bed anxiously waiting for the argument I'd been anticipating but it never came. My brother left for school and my nan left for work. I was alone and confused. It made no sense to me at all.

I searched for my phone and laptop but couldn't find either, so I decided to use my brother's laptop. Thankfully, he never changes his password so I guessed it the first time around. I logged into bebo lol and messaged my then boyfriend basically saying I'm probably grounded so I'll see ya when I see ya. Not thinking I'm going to be shipped to ANOTHER COUNTRY or anything. I anxiously awaited the return of my Grandparents by drinking tea and eating cookies cause yanno, I'm British an all that stereotypical nonsense. I also decided to cut my massive emo fringe just for the shock factor. I was quite impressed with how straight it actually was, just a little bit on the thin side (I pulled the main floppy bit back though so if I didn't like my box fringe I could try and hide it.) 

My grandparents returned, my heart racing and my thoughts erratic, I slumped downstairs thinking best get this over and done with. I nervously made my way through the living room into the kitchen, thinking I am not facing this battle without a good brew in my hand. But NOONE spoke. My family are feisty fuckers and tell you what's what regardless if you asked or not so this was beyond strange. It made me more nervous that they were THAT pissed off, they wouldn't speak to me at all. They wouldn't even shout at me for cutting my fringe. I made my tea, took a look at my grandparents who were happily watching tv and I sulked back upstairs. About an hour later, there was a knock on my bedroom door. I looked up and asked "What?" in my sulky pre-teen voice. The door opens and it's my mum. NOW I'm more confused than ever.
"Why aren't you in Bournemouth?" I ask. She basically says she's kidnapping me, ruining my life, and holding me captive in her house, which FYI is in a different country. We leave the next morning, I only take my phone and its charger thinking I'll only be there for a week or two then I'll be allowed back home but little did I know, the little packing elves gathered all my shit when I was in the bath and put it all in the car. I still grasped to the tiny thread of hope that it wasn't permanent because WHAT ABOUT MY FRIENDS AND MY BOYFRIEND AND MY LIFE IS RUINED?!!



  1. absolutely loved it had no idea that was why you left, cant wait for more!

  2. Shenanigans. You were so bold at twelve! This is an interesting story, Arora. I can't wait to read the rest! XOXO

    1. Haha thanks Bree, though I think my parents & grandparents would use the term "little shit" over "bold" when describing me back then hahah Part 2 next Friday lovely xx

  3. Ur such a good story writer, i dont even like reading but was looking where part 2 was. U could go far with that