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Words of Wisdom

words of wisdom, words, wisdom

I'm meant to write some self- help tips on Wednesdays but it's 3am Wednesday morning and I'm sat on my living room floor trying to hold back tears.

I got an anonymous message on Tumblr yesterday stating my 'fantasy life' won't last - I think they're right.
Everything come in waves, good and bad. I love sea analogies because they always sound more romantic than they actually are. I'm sad and I cannot think of words. Any words. Let alone words of advice, comfort and reassurance. But I think if someone was here now, one of you lovely people, I think I'd want you to give me some words of wisdom because it sounds better coming from another's mouth, I think I'd want to hear:

Don't let petty shit hold you down, you have a talent - a marvellous talent that actually engages people and makes them think. You are still young, life doesn't have a rulebook or a time frame. Things will be messy and complicated and god damn fucking awful but if it wasn't what would you have? A mundane life where everything is the same: same thoughts, same emotions, same conversations. Being messy and complicated is all a part of being human and that's all anyone is. We do bad things we fuck up but it's down to us as individuals to decide where we go from there: do we carry on as normal or do we confront the messiness and try to clean it up? Do we shove it on that one chair in the bedroom in a pile or do we set aside a day or two to properly put everything back where it should be and to bin what's rubbish, broken or unwanted. Life is down to choices and whatever you pick is wrong - they will both lead you down different paths and the one you pick is the path you're destined to take. You're a good human and you're doing okay. Baby steps lovely girl, baby steps towards the ever flowing sea, dip your toes in and get used to the cold. It can't hurt you if you're prepared. It can't shock you if you're aware. Splash about and do the best you can cause it's all we can ever do. 

If you have any other words of wisdom for me, let me know


  1. This is wonderful. Very beautiful words. I've just managed to get myself out of a storm, but am still clearing up no putting things back where they belong. I hope life smooths out for you again, and those dreaded tears bugger off!
    Katie xo

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Katie!
      I'm glad you managed to pull yourself out of your funk :))
      Life instantly started improving after this post published - maybe it's fate? xx

  2. What a beautiful post lovely. I do hope your ok. The person who commented on Tumblr is a idiot and a whimpy one at that. Im not a religious person at all but I do love the saying 'God only throws stuff at you that he thinks you can handle' So when you're going through shit times remember this is because you are strong and you can and will get through it. x

    1. Thank you, Kate! I am feeling a lot better now thank you :)
      I love that saying, I tell other people it all the time (but I replace God with the universe lol)
      Thank you lovely xx