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15 things to do when you don't feel productive

15 things to do when you don't feel productive, list, productive

A short and snappy post for once on this blog. We all have them days where we don't feel productive in any way, shape or form. The days you want to lie in bed binge watching Netflix and scrolling aimlessly through twitter. So I decided to make a list. Nothing fancy, just a numbered list that you can pick and choose from.

15 things to do when you don't feel productive

  1. Read
  2. Brainstorm future post ideas
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Read a blog you've never read before
  5. Read a book you've been meaning to read
  6. Catch up on your fav YouTubers
  7. Make a pot of tea and watch a film
  8. Look up writing prompts on Pinterest
  9. Go on a pinning spree on Pinterest
  10. Schedule tweets promoting old blog posts
  11. Go through old posts and link in new, relevant posts
  12. Meditate
  13. Do a 7-minute workout (Youtube is great for these)
  14. Take some blog photos
  15. Have a nap and hope you feel more productive when you wake up

What do you do when you're not feeling productive?


  1. Happy Birthday girl! I hope a blog post comment will suffice as a birthday present hehe 😉🎉 Scheduling tweets also makes me feel really productive haha, I scheduled a week's worth last night and felt on fire! 🔥 A seven minute workout is such a good idea, I need to try one out! 💪🏼

    Abbey ✨

    1. Eeeee thank you abbey! Yaas scheduling and getting organised makes me feel SO MUCH better! You go girl!