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Date night with Tessuti*

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Yesterday afternoon we got kicked out of our flat, work men came to fit a new satellite dish on our balcony so we thought we'd best skedaddle cause our flat's only small and it'd be a bit awks with us all there.

Shane and I took a stroll down the beach where I thought would be a GREAT opportunity to take some photos of my cheeky new Calvin Klein jumper* from Tessuti which arrived Thursday evening. If you watched on snapchat, you'll know that I had to sprint down from the top floor because I heard someone tell the parcel lady that I didn't live there so she was just about to leave when I shouted "I'm coming" I felt a bit like cinderella or some other princess who'd been locked away lol. It came in a beautiful bag and Jen even wrote me a little note which got me all heart-eyes-emoji. I was so happy cause I fell in love with it at the #bloggersball and now it was in my arms yep, I literally hugged it, squealed and told Shane he's never to put his grubby paws on it cause well his hands are always covered in paint lol. Anyway, we got to the beach and it was at that awkward stage of weather where it was soo windy, blowing my fringe around and basically messing up my entire look and it was also sunny so the lighting on the photos where crap 'cause hello afternoon sun right above my head making me look like one massive shadow.. yeah thanks, mother nature. I had a little bit of a strop because you know those days where you just feel ugly? Well, I was having one of those and even though my jumper made me feel like a majestic princess, I felt my face wasn't doing it justice so I sulked the rest of the way along the beach with Shane singing Red Hot Chilli Peppers trying to make me sing cause he knows I can't resist their songs or guitar solos.

We got to the other end of town and there was FREE PING-PONG! I'd started to cheer up whilst playing ping pong then was back to my old self when I hit it and the ball flew to the side - damn wind - and Shane had to chase it all the way down. You know like when you're chasing a pound that's rolling around and you think you catch it then it runs away again? Yeah, that's what this ping pong ball was doing to Shane so naturally, I stood there and laughed my head off. We had a few games and Shane took some cool action shots of me which I was very pleased with, then we decided to wander off and see what was on at the cinema.

Calvin Klein Jumper from Tessuti, Calvin Klein Jumper, Tessuti, Calvin Klein, Jumper, pingpong, action, free, bournemouthCalvin Klein Jumper from Tessuti, Calvin Klein Jumper, Tessuti, Calvin Klein, Jumper, pingpong, action, free, bournemouth

We decided to watch "The Boss" starring Melissa McCarthy and it was HILARIOUS! She's basically dead rich, does time inside cause of some dodgy deal she done, then she comes out without a penny to her name and has to start from the bottom again. There's some random street fighting but it wasn't like a vicious fighting scene, it was a funny fighting scene and yeah it even had SHANE in stitches and usually, he doesn't find basic things like that funny. Shane had popcorn and I snuck a Subway into the theatre. The lady who sold us the tickets was like "Are you teenagers? *wink face*" so I replied with a very slow "yeeees" so she gave us the cheaper tickets kerr-ching! Usually, I get dead uncomfortable in cinemas, like you know when your top rides up, your jeans slouch down giving you a builders bum and like you're either too hot or too cold? Well, I had NONE of these problems in yesterday's outfit! My jeans are standard black high-waisted ones from Primark but you know how usually jeans slice into your chub when you slouch over? None of that was happening AND the jumper(!) kept me at that PERFECT temperature like it's very soft inside and keeps you very warm but not too warm so you're overheating and trying to yank it off every 5 minutes. I think as well because it's loose fitting around the chest and more fitted on the arms it gives you that perfect balance of heat AND the perfect ratio of slouchy to sophisticated deffo all about those items you can wear to lounge around in and then spice it up with some sunnies to walk to the shop in without feeling like a complete troll! 

After our film finished we decided to walk back home - it's only a 20-minute walk (uphill ugh) but we found this BEAUTIFUL garden on our way and obviously Shane transformed into a fashion photographer whilst I pranced around trying to model with flowers and bridges and stuff. There were so many flowers covering this garden with little water fountains, streams, big dangly trees and archways where you felt like an actual queen as you walked through! If you imagine what heaven looks like, this would be it minus pizza cause what's heaven if there's no pizza?

Calvin Klein Jumper from Tessuti, Calvin Klein Jumper, Tessuti, Calvin Klein, Jumper, garden, trees, natureCalvin Klein Jumper from Tessuti, Calvin Klein Jumper, Tessuti, Calvin Klein, Jumper, bridge, water, garden, happy, ootd

We returned home and caught up on Big brother cause I'm all about watching that trashy tv lol. Shane had a little nap before cooking our dinner he's a good egg, I can't cook so I'd literally starve without him! I received a text from his brother cause I'm like Shane's PA apparently, and we got ready to go play in the poker tournament livin' that Gangster lifestyle, ey? The busses were 20 minutes late and so we walked to the taxi office where this ogre of a woman was sat behind the desk for TEN WHOLE MINUTES gossiping to her mates on the phone whilst I stood there like a weirdo. She says goodbye and looks straight into my eyes whilst saying "Hello!" in a chirpy voice. I say "Hello" back and start to order a taxi until she CUTS ME OFF mid-sentence by hissing "Can't you see I'm on the phone?!" We walk out. Not the best mood to be in before playing poker but there we go. We arrive and originally I wasn't going to play, I was just going to go on the Roulette tables gamble responsibly, kids! but I got persuaded to enter the tournament so I did. I was so nervous and anxious my chest was tight and my mouth was dry but then I started winning and my heart was racing and it gave me ALL the feels! Eventually, I lost. The blinds and the antes wiped me out but I didn't really mind, it was a great experience and I had so much fun! The bloke next to me was helping me, too. I didn't understand the whole 'blinds' thing so when it was my turn he'd let me know so the dealer didn't shout at me. I also think everyone felt a little sorry for me on the table cause I had no idea what I was doing lol but all the same, I had fun. Lost a few bob but experiences are worth more anyway ;)

Calvin Klein Jumper from Tessuti, Calvin Klein Jumper, Tessuti, Calvin Klein, Jumper, roses, vintage, floral, outfit, ootfCalvin Klein Jumper from Tessuti, Calvin Klein Jumper, Tessuti, Calvin Klein, Jumper, roses, vintage, floral, smile, happy, queen


Black high waisted jeans - Primark
Stone pink handbag - Primark
Zip up black boots - George, Asda

What fun things have you done recently?

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*Disclaimer: I have been sent the Calvin Klein jumper by the wonderful team at Tessuti, but all opinions are my own (as always) 


  1. Love the jumper! Really enjoyed reading about your day as well, really nice to see a different style of post from you! Great to have variety!

    Abbey ✨

    1. Ahh thank you :) It's so comfy and beautiful! xx

  2. Calvin Klein is one of my favourite brands for intimates and comfy clothing! It is the best when the weather just works out, and you don't have to worry about rain boots or umbrellas. This sounds like such a beautiful place to visit. Sounds like you had such a lovely time!

    1. I'm with you on that one lovely! It was absolutely beautiful in the gardens: water fountains, bridges and a giant house which is a museum - we didn't go inside but I've been in before and it's breathtaking inside xx

  3. Love the jumper! It looks so comfortable too. And it sounds like you've had a lovely day!
    Great post and even greater photos.

    Samantha |

    1. It is so comfy! (Currently wearing it as I work and watch the Princess Diaries on the sofa lol)
      I'll tell bae you rate his photos! Thank you for your kind words Samantha xx