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Happy Relationships 101

happy relationships, happy, relationships

As you all probably know, Shane and I have been together quite a while now, which is great considering I used to be a massive commitaphobe. By no means am I saying our relationship is perfect: like any, it needs love and attention to grow and flourish,
but I do believe we have a strong foundation regardless of shit we've been through and we are an unstoppable team a bit like team rocket from Pokemon.
Anyway, I thought I'd write a cheeky post on how we got to this point in our relationship: what contributed to our strong foundation and how we got through the shit times. These pointers may be "cliche" and obvious but hey, I can vouch that they work!

Welcome to Happy Relationships 101

4 steps to a happier, healthier relationship:

 1. Honesty:

Kickin' off with the Number One biggest cliche EVER. Honesty really is the best policy. Even if it's shit and will hurt your bae, you gotta keep it real. There's no love without trust and there's no trust without honesty. I believe that trust can be rebuilt when it's broken so I'm not saying you should give up and get rid of your boo cause you don't trust 'em. I'm just saying start being honest and demand honesty in return - it really does make SO MUCH difference and makes your relationship ten times better. Though I've never really been bad at being honest cause I have no filter from brain to mouth so..yeah.

2. Communication

Ok so I get that communication pretty much goes hand-in-hand with honesty but in the same breath, it is different. Communicate, just talk. Sit in bed and chat about your day. I'm the QUEEN of boring stories so don't let "boring" events stop you from sharing. Talk about your thoughts on a certain subject, even if your opinions are different. Talk about childhood memories - even if you've been together for years, don't stop learning about each other: opinions can change, perceptions can change, even the way stories are told can change as you grow older so ask, listen, talk. Stay up until dawn watching the sunset chatting about weird and wonderful nonsense. It doesn't have to make sense as long as you're both feeling it and connecting.

3. Make an effort:

So I've only realised this one recently cause well, I just shove on whatever or stay in my pj's especially now I work from home but I think this one is massively important. It may seem superficial but you remember when you first started seeing bae and you spent hours shaving and making sure your makeup is on point, using half a pot of liquid eyeliner to make sure that cat eye was fierce as fuck? Well, why did you stop? I know people get comfortable which is AMAZING and like I said, I've fallen victim to this 'cause Shane has seen all my lumps and bumps, we've lived together for 2 years for goodness sake but it's not an excuse to be lazy. Make an effort to look good for him, show him you still CARE about how he views you. I'm not saying you have to solely dress fo' yo' man all the time but if you've been in joggers all week with 2-day old mascara down your face sorry not sorry maybe you should yanno, re-do your makeup and put some proper clothes on.

4. Make time:

Similar to 'make an effort' but again, different too. Shane and I have lived together for over 2 years now, we're used to each others company so we've gotten lazy on the quality time front. We spend more-or-less every day with each other but can spend three quarters of the day not speaking to each other except for "do you want a cuppa tea" or "what shall we have for dinner" - we both work from home so I get it, I get that we're both going to be busy and it's good. It's good because we never run out of things to say to each other. But I've realised that we do need to make more time for each other, where our attention is purely focused on the other. Quality over quantity an all that. But no, plan a monthly date night and actually stick to the plan. You don't even have to do anything expensive, just something that focuses the attention on the both of you - nothing else. 

What do you think makes a healthy relationship?


  1. Love these tips <3

    Mel ★

  2. I totally agree with the importance of communication - I talk to my BF about pretty much everything! I find that communication is even more important during times of conflict, nothing can help bring it to an end sooner! Thank you for sharing your tips!

    Abbey ✨

    1. Yeah definitely agree communication is priority when you're arguing with bae (though bae knows I'm prone to tantrums if I don't eat so he feeds me and I'm usually okay afterwards lol) glad you enjoyed lovely lady xx

  3. So true. Communicating openly and being fully honest is so important. And I also think that making time for each other is often underrated and so necessary.

    Lovely post Arora! <3

    x, Tamara

    1. Definitely agree making time is so underrated yet SO important! Glad you enjoyed reading Tamara xx