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Hello July

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Okay so here's another cheeky blog post this week for ya! I can't post it today (1st July) cause I just posted this little hun telling you all about my date night featuring my new Calvin Klein jumper.

Anyway, I don't usually post "Monthly goals" cause something always fucks up and I can't achieve them, but I thought I'd write a sort of diary entry instead talking about what I want to get out of this month and what I'm excited for etc. rather than bullet pointing things I want to do and then feel I HAVE to do them or I'm a bad person and a crap blogger, you get me?

I've been dead stressed lately, I've been shouting a lot and getting angry so much easier, I know it's not exactly conventional to air your bad bits out online, but it's the truth. I've been feeling a bit crap within myself lately and I've been taking it out on Shane massively which isn't fair. He's a human too with feelings and it's a vicious circle because I shout, then feel bad for being horrible and shouting which makes me feel insecure that he's going to leave and so I end up shouting again because I'm in a bad frame of mind. So I figured what I'm really really going to work on is LETTING SHIT GO! I'm determined to live a more peaceful, mindful life and I guess the first step to becoming stress-free would be to let shit go. I have a short temper sometimes, I'm a little OCD and I get anxious easy like if Shane hasn't poured boiling hot water into my cup to sterilize it before making me a tea, but I know these are minuscule things that I need to learn to relax about and not shout about it because it's making me anxious. In the bigger picture, I would be absolutely devastated if my relationship ended 'cause all I did was shout about cups and stuff so I'm gunna try my hardest not to shout at Shane anymore unless he doesn't let me watch Big Brother - then we'll have a problem lol

Coming off of that, I think living a stress-free life means you have to clear your mind and rid yourself of all negative energy. I used to meditate pretty much every day and I saw the effects of it: it really does work. It helped calm me and center me - I used to sit by my door every night with some incense burning so I'd go to bed feeling calm and wake up feeling fresh and tranquil. I need to start meditating again because I miss feeling peaceful and at one with myself. My thoughts race and I spend far too much time scrolling through twitter and stuff which stimulates the brain so I want to put an hour a day aside to meditate, read and 

I've been reading 'Becoming' by Laura and I'm hooked! I'm nearly finished but I've not picked it up in a week so I thin I may restart so it's fresh in my brain then I can write about it on here! I definitely think it's one of those books that will forever be on your bookshelf, you know the ones that are timeless: the ones you read again every year and take something new and different from it. A book with hidden treasure between every page, revealing different jewels every time you read it. So yeah, I want to finish it this month and start reading some more books so hit me up if you have any suggestions!
Lastly, I've been dead pleased with where my blog is going lately, I just need to get involved in more twitter chats and shit again 'cause like I said everything's been dead hectic lately and my mind's been all over the place so I've scheduled THREE WEEKS worth of content meaning I have more time to actually interact with you, spend more time on my poetry project and I can enjoy my 21st without worrying about writing new content up for you guys. Also, I've really enjoyed making YouTube videos, I have a bunch recorded but our internet is crap so I feel disheartened trying to upload them cause it'll take 10 years BUT I'm going to try and edit and upload all of them and make some more cause it's dead fun! I've also been using snapchat a lot for my blog recently too so you can join me on there as well, my username is b0rialis yanno like the northern lights - yep, I'm cool. 

I think as well, I'm going to start keeping track of my stats and blog stuff manually as well as digitally. I've tried a bullet journal but I can't seem to stick at it so I have a new diary from Kikki.K which is perfect for basically writing everything like that down. I also want to start writing a diary in it so at the end of the month I can include it into my newsletter and it'll be more authentic than trying to recall (I may even post pictures of the writing rather than typing it out yanno, to spice it up a bit)

So there we have it, my diary-esque goal post. Let me know if you've enjoyed reading it cause I'll do one each month if you do! 

What are your goals for this month?

PS. I can't believe it's JULY already! My birthday is in 20 days (17 when you read this on Sunday) and I'm not ready to be 21 yet :(


  1. great objectifs! Stop shouting at Shane sounds... easier, I think :). Reading and maditation is what I always do to relax and get to myself ;). Hope you will manage.
    Xo - Vettae
    Simply Vettae

    1. Lol not when you have anxiety and get irritated over nothing then only feel comfortable to express that to bae lol. Thanks for the motivation Vettae x