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How to have the BEST indoor picnic*

Last Wednesday, if you're from the UK I'm sure you can remember how bloody horrible the weather was?! Gale force winds and nonstop rain sure put a damper on things (haha damp..rain..geddit?) 

We were meant to go for a lovely picnic because hello, it's June and it's meant to be like 30 degrees or something ridiculous but hey, who am I kidding? It's England after all and things haven't exactly been great for our poor old country recently has it? First we leave Europe, then we get kicked out of the Euros and now it's raining all throughout the 'summer' - I'm not too fussed though cause I love love LOVE looking out of the balcony doors when it's raining so we just decided to move our picnic to inside.. in bed to be more precise.

We ventured out to Sainsburys to fetch our snacks cause lol we ran out of food then came home to a package from Luscombe Drinks* who I met at the #bloggersball - Their drinks are organic and fruity in the purest form like literally the Sicilian Lemonade tastes SO GOOD cause it's practically just organic lemon juice and soda water, so yeah deffo refreshing and yummy!

So anyway, we trekked up the 10,000 flights of stairs to our flat and made a start on preparing our picnic: Shane had a chicken, cheese and salad wrap with ketchup and grapes and I had a classic plain cheese sarnie with iceberg lettuce and grapes. Both accompanied by a bottle of Strawberry Crush which tastes exactly how you imagine a picnic would taste if it was yanno edible and Damascene Rose Bubbly which tastes as sophisticated and delicious as it sounds. We made ourselves comfy and stuck on Big Brother cause we didn't watch it last night due to our internet going funny and basically making it buffer for 3 hours not even exaggerating! It was really nice actually. I'm a massive homebody and we're trying to save to go travelling soon so having a picnic, indoors or outdoors is a great easy way to spend time with your bae. Even though we live together and everything, we don't spend that much quality time with each other cause he's either painting or playing poker and I'm writing, reading or scrolling aimlessly through twitter and instagram so it was dead nice to actually put some time aside and focus our attention on each other with no distractions I know I said Big Brother was on but it was buffering again so there's that lol. 

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So here's how to have the best indoor picnic:

1. Make sure you got all your favourite food:

I love love love food. I'm a fussy eater and I'm watching my fat & sugar intake BUT I still love food so we went for a little cheeky walk to get some sarnie fillers, some doughnuts and some pancakes cause well, pancakes are life yo. 

2. Split the job:

So I got the food ready and Shane got the drinks ready, that means it's done twice as fast and you can settle down to eat a hell of a lot quicker and who doesn't want speedy food ey? 

3. Make yourself comfy:

Ok, so we picnicked on our bed cause it's white and great for photos lol plus it's dead comfy! We only have one sofa so it would have been a bit of a squeeze and well, the floor never sounds appealing compared to a bed now does it? 

4. Whack some trash TV on:

So most of us feel ~guilty~ for watching daytime trash TV but it's necessary when it comes to an indoor picnic. Either that or your fav Netflix series. I mean, we sat and chatted cause Big brother wasn't working but it's nice to cuddle up, eat sarnies and drink refreshing drinks whilst watching some trashy tv, too.

5. Eat and enjoy:

Ok, this one is dead obvious but like when it comes to eating, be mindful. Really taste what you're eating, notice the sounds it makes between your teeth as you crunch on that delicious iceberg lettuce - feel the squidge of the doughnut between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Feel the sensations the food gives your taste buds. Feel the joy in your heart cause you know you're enjoying every single moment of whatever you're eating.

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What are your picnic essentials?

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*Disclaimer: I have been sent 'Strawberry crush' and 'Damascene Rose Bubbly' by Luscombe Drinks. All views and opinions are my own (as always)

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