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I'm grateful for

im grateful for, grateful, gratitude

Giving thanks is a wonderful way to bring more happiness into your life. I'm trying to write down 3 things I'm grateful for just before bed and read them as soon as I wake up.

I'm grateful for:

Cotton candy clouds so fluffy I could wrap myself in them and fall blissfully asleep, honey like sunbeams warming my skin and soul, vibrant reds yellows and blues scattered across fields gracefully swaying to the sound of the whistle in the wind, soft soil beneath my feet reminding me I'm alive and well.
Fresh cut grass that makes one reminisce of warm summer days practising handstands in the school field. Turquoise water refreshing your soul in more ways than one.  

Gentle loving words dancing from strangers tongues, glistening smiles and twinkling eyes with hearts full of abundant love. Shimmering tears gliding down loved one's cheeks as they stand and watch with pride. The comfort and warmth that vibrates through you during a long 'hello' hug. Simple statements, genuine questions and listening ears. Hair ruffles that makes you remember the clean crisp air of your 7th birthday. The look that says "I love you and I'm proud" when tears are too close and the break in your voice is too near. 

Eyes to see the beauty scattered among us, ears to hear the bee's buzz and the seagulls squawk, hands to stroke purring kittens and excited dogs, feet to travel, teeth to eat with a tongue to taste, lips to kiss, to smile, to speak kind words, to say "I love you" 
Life, I'm grateful for life.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Your post immediately caught my attention when I was scrolling on Twitter! I am so glad I clicked on your post! It's so beautifully written! Such a nice way to start my day, thank you!!
    Jade xx

    1. Thank you so much Jade, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading! Hope you had a brilliant rest of the day xx

  2. Reading this made me grateful for the english language - you write so beautifully! That cloud image was just stunning. I love your blog posts, one of my new favourite finds!

    1. Oh my god thank you so much Sophie!! This has put a massive smile on my face xxx