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The A-Z of Me

a-z of me, me

Get to know me by reciting the alphabet :-))

A: Arora is my name
B: Bournemouth is where I live
C: Cwmbran is where I'm from
D: Dartnall is baes last name
E: Elephants are one of my fav animals (especially baby ones)
F: French is the first language I learnt at 5 years old (i can only remember 1 sentence tho)
G: Gareth Gates was my first celeb crush lol
H: Happiness is how I feel
I: Idiocy really pisses me off
J: Jumpsuit is what I wore to my first blogger event
K: Kids in glass houses was the first band I've seen live (that I remember)
L: Leonardo is what I would name my son
M: Marshall Mathers (eminem) was the first artist I listened to properly at the age of 6
N: Nationality is Welsh
O: Oscar was my first ever real life crush lol
P: Pissed is how I spent most of my teenage years hahah
Q: Quebec is part of the phonetic alphabet which I learnt at 8 years old
R: Rorz is/was my nickname
S: Shane is baes name
T: Tea is my fav beverage
U: Ukeleles are my fav instrument but I can't play them and don't want to learn how to either
V: Venice is where I want to travel to next
W: Wednesdays are my second favourite days
X: Xylophones are my second fav instruments
Y: Yelawolf is my bae *heart eye emoji*
Z: Zu-lu sounds weird when I say it because I'm welsh

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  1. I love these posts so much! What a fun way to learn more about you xo
    Morgan |

  2. These posts are always interesting to read, as some of the letters are hard to come up with things for. My first concert was to Mumford & Sons, and tea is just the best drink, isn't it! Another amazing post, Arora xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Omg I love Mumford! Were they as amazing in real life? and yaaaaas tea solves E-V-E-R-Y-thing! Thanks lovely xx


    you're mint x

  4. yeah now I want to do it too... oh, by the way, Venice is lovely but very hard to visit, the 'street' system makes no sense haha