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Where you come from doesn't determine where you're going

Where you come from doesn't determine where you're going, tea, cup, spoon, biscuit

There's a lot of stereotypes in the world: unfair, discriminative and even racist stereotypes. Granted, some worse than others but I don't think you can tell people to stop being angry/hurt/upset because someone has it worse than them.
Anyway, this is going to be a bit of a rant ~hopefully~ detailing that where you come from doesn't determine where you're going.

I come from a council estate as you might've already read in my "not your typical blogger" post, an estate where people were scared to go out past 10pm in case they got jumped by chavs that hung out by the basketball courts thinking they were a part of the bloods or the crips.

My childhood and teenage years featured alcohol, drugs, smoking, fighting, and bunking school - a typical life from where I'm from. It was only until I went to a posher part of town a few months ago, where there were kids riding to the shops on their Segways without a care in the world, that I realised that how I, and many others from my estate, lived, wasn't actually a normal way of life. If I had ridden a segway to the shop I'd get pushed off and robbed in broad daylight. I remember being saved from being hit with a snowball with a "hidden" stone in it because I knew one of them and he told his mates to back off me thank god. 

Given my start in life, my childhood and my teenage years, I should technically be running riot: getting drunk every other day, taking drugs, shoplifting, or maybe even banged up in prison. Stereotypically, people like me, people who grew up like me, have a slim chance of breaking out of the cycle. I didn't have a bad childhood or bad teenage years - my parents did their best but obviously, you can't be protected from the big bad world forever, right? I'm not saying I'm special or more deserving of a "better life" because I've been through some shit, I'm just saying that it doesn't matter where you come from or what your past is like, if YOU want something enough, YOU can go out and get it. No excuses.

Now I understand there's a lot more shit people have been through - a hell of a lot worse than simply growing up on a council estate around alcohol, drugs, and violence I even feel petty writing it but I truly, hand-on-heart believe that if you want something enough, you are able to go out and achieve it, regardless. You may have to work harder than others, but we're all made of the same combination of organs, flesh, and bones. The same combinations as Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs. You are no different. You can do it, WE can do it. No bullshit excuses. Just remember: Where you come from doesn't determine where you're going. 

What are your thoughts?


  1. Great post! For one: yes there's always someone who's worse off but that is (I think) some of the worst semi-motivation you can give someone.
    Go on to 'better' things because you should and you deserve it not "because you can".
    I have been quite lucky with my family and situation but I believe that we owe it to ourselves to get our lifes into a place we want to be and to strive for our own stars.
    I really enjoy these personal posts :)

    1. Thank you! I definitely agree, saying someone is worse off so your feelings aren't valid is SO damaging and uncalled for!
      I'm glad you enjoyed reading lovely xx

  2. Thank-you so so much for this. I've had a pretty tumultuous time with my mental health, in recent years, and it can be so easy to get weighed down in the past. This has reminded me how what has gone does NOT determine what is to come. Thank-you and sending you hugs virtual hugs xxx

    Bumble and Be

    1. You're too kind Sophie! I'm sorry you've had a bit of a shit time with your mental health - hopefully things get brighter for you in the near future! Sending good vibes and big love to you lovely lady xxx

  3. I am so glad you managed to take control of your life :)