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15 of the best ways to be kind to everyone

15 of the best ways to be kind to everyone, kindness

Kindness is great, it really is. I strive to be a kind person, and I love seeing other people being kind especially when their kindness is aimed towards me. But there's not enough kindness in the world in my eyes, I've written about it before and a lot of you agreed with me and loved the tips I gave you so here's another post on kind things you can do today.

So like I mentioned, I wrote a post a few months ago stating 3 ways to be kind - it seemed to go down a treat even though they are relatively basic points soooo I decided to give you a few more ideas on how to be kind and add a little more love into the world:

Ways to be kind to yourself:

1. Take a walk in nature and fill your lungs with that sweet fresh air and give thanks to the trees for supplying you with it
2. Buy your favourite takeaway, your favourite chocolate and watch you favourite film
3. Take a long hot shower or bubble bath, whichever makes you feel more like a sassy minx
4. Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the lovely things you want to hear
5. Splash yo' cash on something fun: cinema, bowling, all you can eat buffet - treat yourself!

Ways to be kind to others:

1. If you like someone's hair/top/shoes/bag, tell them!
2. Write 'Thank you' letters to people you care about explaining why you love them
3. Write nice things on pretty paper and stick it on bus stops in your town
4. Write nice things on pretty paper and post it through random people's letterboxes
5. Smile at everyone you see
6. Take your best friend to dinner
7. Take your mum to lunch
8. Offer help when you see someone struggling
9. Send funny videos to a friend you know is having a rough time
10. Buy a homeless person a large meal, sit down and get to know them - do it to be kind and not for the facebook likes.

What's the biggest act of kindness you've ever done?


  1. This is so, so lovely! These kind of posts are my favourite to read, I always think spreading positive vibes are the best thing about blogging. I try to smile at everyone I see, it makes such a difference and I think just that one smile might have helped them get through their day. Going above and beyond for your loved ones is really important, small little things you can do that you know makes them happy (for my boyfriend, it is as simple as putting a wash on!) Thank you for the tips :) Immy x

    1. Thank you for your kind words Immy, yeah i definitely agree the positivity from bloggers is outstanding! xx

  2. You can never take too many walks for yourself! I love going in the evenings to really clear my mind instead of reading blog posts- it seems to help me sleep better as well. I'll try my best to work on this next week :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. yaaaas nature is definitely the one! especially when it's just turning dark - so calming! xx

  3. Yes I especially agree with giving others compliments (if you mean it). It can make someone's day and it's so easily done!
    I love the idea of posting kind and pretty things around town ����❤️

    1. yeah definitely, only give them when you mean them! and yes I've done a few boxes myself but want to start putting more nice things around :)