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August goals & Meet the advertisers

august goals

My Hello July post got a load more views than I expected so I thought I'd do an August one too! I honestly can't believe how quick this year is going - July was super hectic and so I'm so excited to kick Augusts' butt!

First things first, the fact that August 1st lands on a Monday is like so so satisfying it's like TWO fresh starts in one day, how great is that?!
Anyway, like I mentioned, July was so hectic, you can read the whole story in my newsletter but long story short it was my 21st birthday and we got forced out of our flat a day before we went away for my birthday so that was always fun. So, a quick recap: I pretty much stuck to all my goals cause I'm an absolute G who gets shit done hahah though I haven't meditated as much as I'd like to cause well, I haven't stopped lol. I have however, finished Laura's book "Becoming" and it was SO GOOD! I was sat in a beautiful green field last week whilst Shane was painting beautiful artwork onto ugly walls and a dog came bounded up and laid next to me whilst I was reading the final chapter and it was so so good (and I've tried and tested the fact Laura's book attracts cute fluffy animals so what other reason do you need to buy it?)

August goals are mainly to do with my blog, because July was so hectic I kind of neglected the networking side of blogging but I'm back and back with a vengeance. Now we're settled and back with Shane's mumma I can upload YouTube videos without it taking like 10 days and I don't have to worry about my blogger mail getting robbed from the mail box thing lol so I want to get my videos up and grow a following over on YouTube as well, I've already got one video up which you can watch here - I was surprised that I got over 100 views in one day, that was pretty fuckin' cool yanno. 

I want to write every day, so I've created a "Medium" account to keep track of it all: my blog is quite themed now which I love so I thought a separate space to keep everything else on is ideal - it'll contain loads of different stuff: short fiction stories, real life personal stories, thoughts, feelings etc. I also got a book "712 more things to write about" for my birthday so I'll be picking some stuff out of there too. If I feel something I write will fit my blog I'll post it on here too - I'm hoping to have a series of the "712 more things to write about" questions on here, I'm thinking maybe post them on Sundays cause it's an easy read for a lovely lazy day isn't it? 

Other than that, I want to start working from my desk she says whilst laid in bed lol and I'm going to start running - I don't know if you've seen my snapchat story (user: b0rialis) but if you have there's been a few videos of me out of breath from running and I accidentally scared a kitten and nearly cried too so this running things is off to a good start! But now I've stopped smoking I want to get my lungs working properly and so what better way than to run ey? Shane's really good with me too cause I can only run 5 minutes down the road and get out of breath but he doesn't run ahead or anything which is good cause I see couples running together and the girl is there like dying and the guy is miles ahead running backwards shouting "c'mon hurry up mun!" so my bae is a good'un and tells me how well I've done whilst I'm there dying.

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If you didn't already know, I've started offering advertisement packages to you lovelies. When I created them, I didn't have a theme with a sidebar but now I have, I will be changing the packages to include a sidebar blog button as well as everything else I offer (which is a lot more than most tbf) so if you want to be featured next month email me here or read more about the packages I offer here

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What are your goals this month?


  1. Yay! Wonderful to see myself on your blog! 💖 Thank you so much for the advertising! Congrats on doing so well with last month's goals as well, really fab work considering that you had such a crazy July!

    Abbey ✨