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4 easy steps to break unhealthy habits

4 easy steps to break unhealthy habits, break unhealthy habits. unhealthy, unhealthy habits, habits

So this week I wrote about how I think people form unhealthy habits, and I mentioned I have battled through a few of my own: self harm, drinking and smoking. Now I'm going to share HOW I managed to break these unhealthy habits in 4 easy steps and form better, healthier ones.

Do some soul searching:

You've obviously formed these unhealthy habits for some reason or another so the first, BIG step is to look deep inside and figure out when you formed your unhealthy habits: what was going on at that time of your life, who were you surrounded by, how were you feeling the majority of the time? When I started smoking, it was to substitute self harming (it didn't work) - I didn't care too much for myself back then and I was also watching Skins every Thursday which yanno, glorifies drink and drugs so I thought it would help me become happy again and ease the pain inside, I never thought it would be damaging or a coping mechanism. But alas, it was both of those things. Dig deep: it will be painful but it's the first step: without doing this you can't proceed. 

Be present - constantly:

So one of the only ways to break a habit is to catch yourself before you do it. This means being completely present, observing yourself and being aware of every move you take, every bite you eat and every word you speak. By being present, you are aware and when you're aware, you can change.

Surround yourself with people who live the way you want to:

When I quit smoking, it was easy because I didn't have any temptations around me as Shane does smoke. I think this one is really important: Shane lives a very inspiring life to me anyway he doesn't really drink, doesn't smoke, he's kind, talented and hardworking and so I strive to live my life the same way - not because he's my boyfriend but because he's so happy all the time and he gets shit done and like why wouldn't you want a happy life like that? I'm naturally quite a lazy person, not so much now, but before I'd choose bed and a film with junk food over anything but now I actually can't wait to wake up and work maybe it's cause I enjoy what I do? but I think without Shane, and all the other inspiring people in my life, I wouldn't have been able to quit my bad habits and create a happy healthy life for myself

Reward yourself:

I've not specifically done this one because I reward myself for things like getting out of bed in the morning and shit but having a reward system is always good and it deffo appeals to the child inside your soul cause we all like working towards presents. Say you want to quit smoking and you've survived the day without a fag even though there were screaming babies, loud arguments and general stress, you should work out a reward for yourself and every milestone like a week, a month, 6 months, after a really stressful day etc. Whether its a trip to the cinema or a nice take away meal - reward yourself with whatever your favourite is, you deserve it!

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