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Rocky Horror Picture Show Photo Diary

I had a fucking brilliant day Wednesday, Shane and I wandered into town, the sun was shining and our faces were smiling: usually I dislike the hot weather but this day, I kinda enjoyed it. I enjoyed sipping my fresh freezing water to keep me hydrated, I enjoyed prancing around in my shorts that I had to quickly make by cutting my jeans lol, I enjoyed the way the sun reflected off the sea and blinded me okay, not quite the blinding part but it looked pretty from what I saw.. and I enjoyed how bright and beautiful everything looked.

We wandered through the gardens and saw beautiful flowers before heading to Greggs for a healthy dose of sausage rolls. We sat in the graveyard nearby, lol how morbid, and discussed people, life, and how the woman in Greggs lied to me about them not having any more Mexican chicken for my sandwich.

We decided to take a walk up to Primark, usually, Shane hates me going in there because I take ages but I needed something to wear as we were going out for the evening and I only really own jeans so I was looking for something light and free that wasn't a dress. I spotted a stripy jumpsuit and it was perfect. I tried it on and I looked so good, so I needed to get some shoes to go with it, my clunky boots didn't go with it unfortunately. As we were leaving a lady was giving away free coke zero so we obvs snapped that up like hello free stuff, duhh. and we headed off home to get ready for the night.

We got home and quickly had a shower and got dressed. Time was flying so we had to have a quick snack rather than a full on mean: BBQ Supernoodles saved the day as always and we rushed off the get our bus.

We finally got to the Pavillion  and took our seats. I learnt on the bus that Shane has never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show before so I obviously loled so hard when he was confused to why men were in corsets and tights. 

I got Shane to take some outfit photos of me cause I knew by the time we got out it would be dark. He did a pretty good job to be fair, although only when I saw the photos did I realise you could see my black undies but I thought "lol oh well, life's too short to worry about people seeing your fancy underwear" and carried on swishing my hair and shaking my booty at the camera.

The show was amazing and we done the time warp like 5 times, well, when I say we, I mean we, Shane just stood there confused thinking "the fuck is goin on?" but it was fun nonetheless. We left and caught the sunset, it was bloody beautiful. We took some photos of it and me in front of it then set off home.

I had a wonderful day and night so I thought I'd share it with you guys, I've never done a "photo diary" type post before so I hope you liked it! Here's another of me and Shane :-))

What have you done this week?


  1. Ohh so jealous! Would love to go 😍 also you look stunning in that jumpsuit and big hair. Very chic and rock and roll πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ