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The ultimate guide to the best morning ever

The ultimate guide to the best morning ever, The ultimate guide, the best morning ever. morning

*Disclaimer* This is what I want to start doing, not what I already do cause I never wake up early but I've been reading around and these steps seem to be the most advised so I thought I'd share the ultimate guide to the best morning ever with you guys and so I have no excuse not to do this now cause practice what you preach an all that

Wake up early

So this is probably one of the most obvious ones but also the one I find hardest. We go and play poker on Thursdays so I'm usually up until 3am which completely fucks my sleeping pattern but I think I'm only going to go once a month now cause lol I'm not rich. But yeah, waking up early gives you that extra bit of time to yourself and you can start the morning slowly rather than rushing around and getting all flustered and annoyed which sounds super dreamy lol bed/sleep pun. 

Plan ahead

We all have to do lists cause we all like to be busy bee's but sometimes we fuck up and forget things because we're only human so the best way to feel like a real life superhero is to plan ahead: write your to do list before you go to sleep, this also helps you get a better night sleep cause you're not making a mental to do list instead of sleeping, get your clothes all planned out after your shower I advise trying them on the night before, too, just so you don't put them on in the morning and go "naaah" thinking you look like a troll and end up with your entire closet on the floor, make your breakfast & set up your tea/coffee cup this is super helpful cause you can go tidy up or something whilst the kettle is boiling.

Blast some music

I always forget how happy music makes me feel until I turn it up full volume and have my very own karaoke night. So I want to set up a playlist of happy, motivational, feel good songs so I can have a little boogie when I get dressed. some of my faves are Mary J Blige - Just fine | Tupac - Keep ya head up | Yelawolf - American You

Do some exercise

The new fad is yoga, which is cool cause it puts you into a meditative state which is very good for your mental health so you can try that if you want but I prefer knocking two birds with one stone so when I blast my feel good music, I plan to jump around like a loon and get my blood pumping that way like do you even realise how tiring being lead singer, backup singer, guitarist, drummer AND backup dancer is? but yanno, if you don't want to risk being put in a straight jacket if anyone were to see you then yeah, stick to yoga :-))

What are your tips to having the best morning ever?


  1. I'm a morning person so I actually love getting up early :) I definitely agree with the points you've mentioned, especially with planning ahead x


    1. Aw haha see I'm not but lately I've been getting better and up earlier (but i've just been watching Jeremy Kyle then setting up to work lol) xx

  2. I would consider myself a morning person (if I actually sleep well, that is) and playing music helps so much! I actually did a post on "how to wake up happy" on my blog, if you'd like to search for that. Otherwise, your points are super similar to mine, and I loved reading this :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. ah nice I'll check it out im all for posts on how to wake up happier an shit cause I think the first 5 mins of your day when you first wake up kinda sets the tone! Glad you enjoyed reading Kyia xx