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My Autumn/Winter bucket list

bucket list, bucket, list

I never thought bucket lists were that important, they’ve always sounded slightly childish to me, the same way I find the words “belly” and “tummy” childish - I know, it’s weird. But I’m only just realising how important having a bucket list really is.

Bucket lists are slightly different to setting goals, but it’s the same principles in my eyes 'cause you’re writing down what you want to achieve/accomplish in all areas of your life: things you want to learn, things you want to experience, places you want to go. I think having a bucket list keeps you on track and focused so you know what to aim for and what to do. I have a habit of complaining that there's nothing to do or that I can't think of anything to do 

so I decided to create an autumn/winter bucket list to shut me up:

Learn Italian.

 I obviously know I won’t be fluent within like 5 months but I hope to be able to have basic conversations with Shane in Italian
if he decides to start learning it again.

Cut down on the internet. 

The internet has been cut off so I will probably spend a lot of time (and a lot of money) in costa which is a convenient 5-minute walk from our house to use their wifi. I have invested in a dongle for important tasks yanno like twitter chats..obvs, but hopefully, this will make me cut down on my internet usage.

Read more.

 I LOVE COLD WEATHER! It’s perfect for staying inside like a hermit and building yourself up so I plan to drink a lot of tea and read a lot of books and take a lot of cosy Instagram photos to prove it.

Handwrite more letters.

So I've been a part of #beechats penpal thing for a while, I'm really rubbish at writing back to people cause lol life, but I want to start making more of an effort to handwrite letters to people. I was sent some stationary from BusyB* which is amazing so I'll be doing a whole post on writing letters - DM me on twitter if you want to become penpal friends :-))

Thinking about it, those are more goals so here’s the other stuff that I hope form a bucket list lol

  1. Watch a pantomime/theatre performance 
  2. Go disco roller-skating
  3. Go ice-skating
  4. Visit the oceanarium
  5. Drink out of a shoe at the German market
  6. Drink at least 10,000 caramel lattes 
  7. Start pole dancing again
  8. Go horse riding
  9. Read my poetry at the Freeway poets event
  10. Buy, and never take off an ugly Christmas jumper

What's on your bucket list?


  1. Great post lovely! It's so cool that you want to learn Italian. Good luck with all of your bucket list!

    Ella xx

  2. Such a cute list of things to do! You've inspired me to make an AW16 bucket list in my planner too x

    1. Ahh thank you Emily! ooh that'll be interesting to see, send me the link if you decide to blog it! xx

  3. I NEED to read more, so this has motivated me - nothing beats smuggling up with a book, also doing more knitting and crochet now it's more weather-appropriate!
    Bumble and Be

    1. yes definitely agree! love the idea of sitting down in the winter being all cosy and creative xx