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Meet Nala Dartnall-Appleby

Meet Nala, though I usually call her missy moo or madam, she's our new beautiful kitten. She's around 10 weeks old and the softest thing I've ever stroked like literally it's like stroking a cloud or something. We got her last Thursday and I'm so in love.

I feel a little bit bad 'cause I had to give up my previous cat, called Mr.Cat, as we moved back to Bournemouth, though I take comfort in the fact he's in a happy home with my cousins girlfriends parents and he has his own little girlfriend that he runs around and canoodles with so I doubt he even thinks about me anymore *sob*

Anyway, this is about Nala. She's just getting used to the house and we're getting used to being woken up at 6am with her nibbling our toes. She stands on her back legs like a little meerkat when shes curious, she jumps at every loud noise, she licks my fingers to lure me into a false sense of security then nibbles them I don't think she likes my long nails and she does the smelliest farts ever. Here's some photos for you to 'Aww' at - these were very hard to get cause if she spies my phone she'll literally turn her back to me so I can't take a photo and if I move to try and take one from another angle she'll jump down and start playing with her toys the little sassy moo.

Isn't she beautiful?! *heart eyes emoji*

What's your favourite animal?


  1. What a little beauty - *heart eyes* indeed. I have no other words, except...I really want to give her a munch!

    Sarah xo //

  2. Awww she is lovely! Very envious of your new furry addition

    Mel ★

    1. Thank you Mel, she's very cute and very playful! x