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5 things to make your pen pal experience great

I love pen pals, everything about it: handwriting letters, finding out secrets no one else knows from someone you’ve never met, and more importantly creating friends across the globe. I think it’s absolutely fascinating. When I write my letters it’s as though no one is on the other end so I can disclose the most weird/gross/hilarious/embarrassing things and erase the fear of being judged. Though the best thing is making friends out of strangers: you know they’ll be friends for life because you’ve told them your deepest thoughts and feelings. Take for example my friend Naye, originally she messaged me on tumblr telling me how much she loved my blog and from there we grew a friendship that in my opinion, will last a life time (and I’m yet to meet her…)

So here’s 5 things to make your pen pal experience great:

1. Speak to them online first

Pen palling is great but you don’t want any weirdos knocking at your door so maybe DM them or email them a little bit before you start giving out your address to strangers. Remember to always follow your gut feeling, so if you think something's wrong, you’re probably right.

2. Buy a pretty writing set: 

I picked mine up from the works for £1 and it wasn’t even on sale. It’s sassy and has matching envelopes, what more could a gal want?

3. Get some stickers for decoration: 

I was kindly gifted these stickers by BusyB stationary* The pastel colours are mega cute and the individual sticker sheets take my letters to a whole new level plus the little tin they come in is the PRETTIEST tin ever

4. Send some inspirational postcards: 

I got a book of inspirational postcards from Kikki-K, they are so beautiful and Instagram-worthy but also could brighten up your pen pals’ day. You never know how they could be feeling so provide a little bit of happiness for them by sending something empowering and inspirational their way.

5. Do some box shares: 

You may have seen my #hiddenhappiness boxes that I hid around my hometown, if you haven’t, they were boxes full of goodies such as home d├ęcor, candles, tea and general self-care stuff. Send one to your pen pal, nothing expensive but a little something to make them smile – maybe arrange a box swap if you’re worried you won’t get one in return. You can then write about it, snapchat about it and whatever else you crazy cats do, but I think it’s a really kind gesture.

So there we have it - if you wanna be my pen pal give us a shout on twitter or instagram and we’ll sort something out.

How do you feel about pen palling?

 Disclaimer: BusyB* tin of labels was sent to me for free but all opinions are as usual, my own.


  1. This is sweet! I used to have a pen pal when I was younger, and I loved it. It's a bit sad that the age of technology has taken out handwritten letters for the most part. They are so much fun to receive.


  2. Yeah it is a shame, I love handwriting letters!