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Weight: to shame or not to shame?

Weight to shame or not to shame, weight, food, eating

We’ve all heard about fat shaming, and now skinny shaming is being spoken about more, there has been some disagreements. People have been complaining that skinny people aren’t oppressed and claiming that there’s no such thing as skinny shaming because the media glorifies the slender physique and people aren’t usually bullied for being skinny. I personally think you shouldn’t be judged or bullied for any reason, let alone because of the way you look. 

I myself am quite insecure when it comes to my weight and what I eat because everyone seems to have a fucking opinion on it. It makes me feel embarrassed and insecure when someone points out how fussy I am or how I don’t try new things. I already know these things and to be quite honest, it’s no one’s fucking business what I do and don’t eat.
The main reason writing this post is because the first thing people tend to say to me lately is “god, you’ve lost weight” and it’s really starting to piss me off. Is it a good thing I’ve lost weight? Is it a bad thing? Why are you stating I’ve lost weight, like what are you trying to achieve? I’m genuinely scared of being underweight and being unhealthily skinny because of my anxiety linked with food and my health right now so mentioning my physique and weight isn’t going to make me feel on cloud 9.

I try not to exceed my daily fat and sugar allowance so I probably have lost weight. In fact, I know I’ve lost weight because I’ve looked in the mirror and cried over having a flat stomach. It might sound stupid, but I feel like it’s wrong to have a flat stomach and to be skinny these days because when people say you’ve lost weight it comes across like it's a bad thing, but maybe that’s just my insecurity because I’m scared that my anxiety around my health and my food will end up being dangerous, if it really was a compliment, you would say something like “Wow! You’re looking so healthy!” or “Oh my god, you’re looking good!” not just “god, you’ve lost weight”

Ultimately, I think that unless you have a genuine concern about someone’s weight/health and feel they need to speak to a professional, there is no need for you to mention or comment on somebody’s weight. If you want to pay someone a complement, maybe tell them how intelligent they are, how kind they’ve been lately or how fascinating their mind is.

How do you feel when someone comments on your weight?

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