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The ultimate guide to a new you

The ultimate guide to a new and improved you

When you say you want to change your life to make it better, people always say “Start with yourself” meaning change yourself for the better before you start on your job or your relationships because it could just be you’re not happy within yourself rather than some outside force ~making~ you unhappy. The thing is, though, no one ever tells you how or where to start.

Like I say, people always jump at the chance to project their bit of knowledge of “start with yourself” but they can never tell you where or which part to start with on yourself which is bloody annoying if you ask me so I decided I would tell you instead. Or better yet, make some suggestions where you can decide whether or not they sound good for you and your individual life, cause everyone’s got their own shit and everyone deals with things in different ways, but these are the things that have helped me.

1. Define your core values.

Your core values can be anything, but they’re important. They set the standard of how you live your life, how you treat yourself and others and how others treat you. They give you clear guidance to who you want to be, what you stand for and what you hold close to you. For example, mine are: Authenticity/honesty, confidence, happiness, compassion, grown, relationships and knowledge. Once you define and write down your core values you can start changing parts of your life that don’t correspond with these values.

2. Be honest with yourself.

Now you’ve defined your core values, you can see how you want to live your life and the kind of person you wish to be, so now you can start to change. You have to be honest with yourself about who you are currently and who you’ve been in the past: ask yourself have you lived in correspondence with your core values? Write down the times you haven’t lived or acted in a way which resembles your core values and then write how you could have acted instead. This will give you a clear outline on how to act in the future should similar situations unfold.

3. Change your mindset.

So apparently people are getting pissed off about the whole positivity outlook on life lately, deeming it fake and unauthentic but I say fuck that, change your mindset to be more positive and optimistic. I’m not saying be positive ALL THE TIME cause lol that’s unhealthy but when things are going good don’t think “oh what bad thing is going to happen to ruin it all” just be in the moment, appreciate the good and just roll with it.  One of my favourite songs has the line “…know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum” so basically, think good thoughts, don’t worry about shit you have no control over and trust that everything gunna be okay because it more than likely will be: and like Roald Dahl says “...if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

4. Clear out the clutter.

You’ve got a clear outline of who you want to be and how you want to live your life, so now you have to clear out the clutter: things, people, or habits that don’t complement this life you want to live. It could be simple things like chucking out knickers that don’t make you feel good or decorating your bedroom to reflect who you are now rather than who you were when you decorated it last. But clearing out the clutter means clearing out ALL the clutter, even the hard parts such as toxic relationships, unhealthy habits and destructive thought patterns (see point 3.)

5. Be kind to yourself.

Loving yourself is a HUGE transition, you can’t do all the above points in a day – it takes work, hard fucking work and it’s exhausting and tedious but so goddamn worth it so you gotta be kind to yourself ALWAYS. This goes hand in had with your mindset: think good things about yourself but also you gotta treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Allow yourself that extra slice of cake if it makes you feel good, spend that extra tenner on lush bath bombs if it’ll make you happy, sing and dance down the street if that’s what you feel like doing. Don’t restrict or limit yourself in any way possible, be kind to your mind body and soul, treat them as if they’re small children looking for acceptance. Speak to them with love and grace, treat them with respect and compassion, look at them like they’re the most beautiful, magnificent creatures you’ve ever seen.

What tips would you give for living a new and improved life?


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    1. yes definitely! when you know what you stand for and who you want to be you can start to be that person and blossom into yourself :)

  2. I think my tip would be to change things/habits/thoughts you don't like & are in your power to change but to accept things/situations/circumstances you can't necessarily change :) x (I hope that just made sense lol)


    1. yaaaas such a good tip! you can always change how you react to shit but if you cant change the actual situation then there's no point worrying about it and/or trying to change it just focus on changing your mindset to a more positive one!