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10 ways to make you feel on top of the world

10 ways to make you feel on top of the world

I recently wrote in my October hopes and dreams post that I wanted to start scheduling more time for myself. I am a strong believer in self-love and self-care, I believe everyone should make a little bit of time each day to centre themselves again. I'm sure you're fed up of reading 'self-care tips' that tell you to go for a walk or to take a long relaxing bubble bath cause I know I am!
So instead of that conventional bullshit, I thought I'd compose a list of other things you can do to practise self-care!

01. Go in your garden and pick some flowers

This is a little bit like going for a walk but hey, nature does you good, I can't not include it!

02. Read this poem about cats by Charles Bukowski

He has a whole book of poems dedicated to cats on amazon and i mean, who doesn't love cats?

03. Grab a newspaper

Preferably the sun but I mean why would you have that in your house anyway? and doodle over the pictures - draw snot coming out of their noses and give them a cheeky monobrow

04. Read your favourite book from your childhood

Mine was any Disney book and She-ra Princess of Power it's like he-man but better! It'll make you all nostalgic and kids books usually have 'feel good' morals & life lessons hidden within them

05. Put your pyjamas in the dryer and go have a cold shower  

Cold showers are better for your health and you will appreciate how cosy your pyjamas are when you put them on fresh out of the dryer!

06. Cuddle something fluffy

Preferably a pet, or a friend's pet, but if not you can always cuddle a pillow or a blanket and try not to fall asleep although napping definitely helps but we're trying to be unique and different remember?

07. Order some fairy lights

Pin loads of cosy bedroom ideas on Pinterest so you have something to look forward to!

08. Switch off your phone

I know, how DARE I suggest such a thing?! but really, switch it off and create something: paint a picture, do a cross stitch, colour in one of those fancy mandala books from Wh.Smiths.. just get your create juices flowing! you can instagram it at the end of the day, promise!

09. Google the funniest jokes ever

Fun Fact: I had a blog when I was 8/9 dedicated to the 'funniest' Simpsons jokes, I even made separate pages for the different characters - I was well invested in that blog I don't even remember what happened to it

10. If all else fails, watch Netflix

Curl up in a ball, surround yourself with junk food, tea and your laptop. Watch a sad romantic film and use a whole roll of tissue paper to wipe your tears!

What makes you feel better on a down day?


  1. This is so cute! 😂 I love the Pyjama one, that is 100% one of my favourite feelings in the world! ❤️

    1. Thank you lovely! yaaaaas people underestimate warm pyjamas! xx

  2. I love this! I live for lists of tips that are unusual. You're right I'm so sick of seeing the same tips over and over again. These are great. I especially like the idea of putting your pjs in the dryer. That sounds like the greatest idea ever. How have I never thought of that before?

    Xx Eline |

  3. My dog always cheers me up whenever I have a long stressful day. I love the idea of reading your favorite childhood book and turning on fairy lights (I have some but never turn them on for some reason). ♥

    1. I wish I could say the same about my cat but she's very rude and puts her bum in my face half the time lmao but yaaaas you should deffo switch your fairy lights on now it's getting dark earlier - make your room all cozy! xx