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An exciting announcement for you

Last Wednesday, I wrote a post on how to make the BEST hot chocolate EVER - I had been sent some chocolate by seed&bean (which are amazing btw) and thought a hot chocolate recipe is just what everyone needs now it's getting colder and cozier BUT I wasn't satisfied.. okay that's a lie, I was satisfied with the post and my writing and everything but I couldn't help but think it was a little bit of a boring subject, I'm not a food blogger, I don't get all worked up over recipes cause honestly, I can't cook - I make super noodles taste disgusting (true story, ask Shane) and so I racked my brain on how to make it sparkle a little more. I then got to thinking how could I make other posts sparkle a little brighter and so I came up with an AMAZING idea. Videos! Not just any videos though, carefully curated videos made with love, sweat, tea and oreos and so with the help of Shane DRK, I created this video on How to make the BEST hot chocolate EVER. I really hope you enjoy it and I will be spending my Saturdays creating more and more videos for you guys in the same style. I'm honestly so happy to share this with you because I've been saying how much of a rut I've been in lately and this has sparked my inspiration and motivation and I'm actually excited to create more content to then be transformed into these incredible videos so I really hope you enjoy!

Watch the video here and let me know what you think!


  1. It was really entertaining watching the video. I can't wait to see more videos! ♥