Brain dump: An insight into my life right now


Brain dump An insight into my life right now

I missed yesterday's post because I was meant to be travelling back from Wales but then I got sad, cried a lot and decided not to and today's is coming at you pretty late so I do apologise but then also i don't because it's been shit lately and I'm grasping onto loose ends slowly trying to tie them back together. I got home this evening and decided to write a sort of 'brain dump' post - I share a lot about my life but only stories from the past, I don't think I've ever posted anything to do with my life in the present so I guess that's what I hope this post will be: an insight into my life in the now. I could probably come up with a much fancier title but I'm not fancy and titles aren't my main priority.

So I've probably mentioned at some point how this year has been a massive fucking shit storm: one terrible thing after another. I'm sure if you go through my instagram feed near the start of the year my captions were banging on about my current day and then I would say "everything's settled now so I can finally get back into routine" and then the next post would say the same thing because apparently, I lied and things hadn't settled lol. Anyway, 10 months in and shit's still happening like I understand life isn't all rainbows and butterflies but surely this isn't a normal thing? I honestly can not recall one GOOD week this year at all and that's not exaggerating. But enough of my moaning I'm sorry but I think things are only just hitting me so I have to vent it and writing is the only way I know.

Although, I've decided to turn shit around. I'm not a negative person, I don't really moan that much about shit, I've been taught to suck it up and get on with it not the healthiest of methods, I know. So I'm going to spend this week doing shit I love/enjoy/have always wanted to do. I'm going to take myself on dates, buy myself flowers, go to a Disney movie sing-a-long yes that's a real life actual thing happening in a venue in my town, go for walks down the beach, take lots of photos of the fallen autumn leaves and so much more just so if everything carries on being crap at least I can look back on that one week of 2016 and think "hmm, it wasn't that bad"   I might even have a cheeky alcoholic drink! I know, I'm a naughty minx aren't I!

To finish this babble off, I'm gunna end on a positive note and tell you all I'm on the last series of Gilmore Girls, I've just had the longest hottest bath where I shaved all my hairy parts so I feel like a smooth unicorn and I've got fresh pyjamas on about to settle into fresh bedding with a cup of tea that's at it's perfect temperature with a few choccie biscuits. So right now, I'm pretty fucking content.

Also, look how fucking sassy my new top is! I'm in love *heart eyes emoji*

How are you guys doing?


  1. I had to reread this twice because of how all over your thoughts were when writing this, haha! But I totally get you- when you feel like one thing is in order, and the next thing you know, a freaking tornado messes everything up for you and the people around you. I'm happy to hear that you're making the most out of your alone time, and really treating yourself to the things that make you happy... Speaking of which, that ties into the post I literally published yesterday about happiness (nudge nudge wink wink). Love you! x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty (new post)

    1. Sorry if it was confusing Kyia! and yeah that's it exactly those pesky tornadoes ruining everything haha! I'll check out your post today lovely xx

  2. I haven't had the best year either but I try to focus on the little moments that didn't suck. I hope you have the best week of this year! Btw I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls but I'm only on season 2 tho! lol ♥

    1. yeah focusing on the little things definitely helps gets you out of a funk!
      Thank you lovely & omg I've nearly finished Gilmore girls and I'm so sad cause I'll have nothing to do in the evening then haha x

  3. Much love your way, I hope the last few months of this year will be a bit better then the majority of it. Writing down your thoughts/feelings definitely doesn't make you a negative person, even when they are negative. No idea if that just made sense but being positive isn't about never moaning - sometimes writing all the negativity down is the nest thing you can do. I really hope doing things you love helps to make you feel better x


    1. Thank you lovely, and thank you so much for your constant support! yeah that made sense aha sending you an abundance of happiness xx



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