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Why do people hate Monday's?

Why does everyone hate Monday's, monday

I feel like I've not wrote a 'thoughtful' post in a while so today I'm going to address why everyone hates Monday's.
Everybody hates Mondays, I have no idea why as I absolutely LOVE them does that make me a weirdo? 
Monday's to me are a fresh start, a bit like the beginning of a new month or a new year, Mondays signifies the start of a new week - a fresh start to make this week kick ass. The perfect day to start that new exercise routine or that project you've been thinking about. But for some reason, everyone see's it as the worst day ever. Every time Monday rolls around you hear those moans and groans - people even use it as a valid excuse to why they're in a bad mood. To me, it's bizarre. Monday's are the same as any other day. I understand certain days have certain feelings, like Sunday's to me ALWAYS feel super lazy - Sunday's are meant for roast dinners, blankets, candles, baths and films but I'm not sure why Monday's have such a negative feeling attached to it for most people. Maybe it literally is because people dislike their jobs and hate going back to work after a nice weekend. Maybe they don't dislike their job but dislike work all together which isn't a bad thing - I hate the idea of working to be able to live on this earth but there we go.Maybe people are perfectly happy with their jobs and their lives but have grown up with everyone saying "Ugh it's Monday" and so they too have adapted that mindset towards them. Whatever people's reasons are, I think we should stop bullying Mondays and actually shift our minds to thinking "ooh great, a fresh start to be who I want to be,  do what I want to do and live how I want to live" because we're just putting unnecessary stress and negativity into our minds and lives when we dread a certain day of the week. 

How do you feel towards Monday's?


  1. I used to hate Mondays but when I started a blogging series called 'A Not So Blue Monday' which just rounds up my week, I like to think of them as something I look forward to now thanks to my blog!


  2. I think a majority of people wouldn't hate Monday if they didn't have to work. Back when I didn't work on Mondays I didn't mind them but ever since I got my work schedule changed I Mondays. Personally I like the start of a new week! ♥

    1. That's true, but then surely their job is the problem? Yaas the first day of a new week is always my fav x