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Things to do when working from home*

Important things to do when working from home

I've been blogging full time now since April, it's absolutely wonderful: setting your own working hours, being able to eat when you want, choosing what you're going to work on each day and only having to answer to yourself. But it has some down points: loneliness, falling into the trap of "just one episode of Gilmore Girls" and also never being able to switch off entirely cause yanno you need to RT your latest post to twitter at 11pm just in case someone in a different timezone hasn't seen it yet amiright? There's little rituals that I do and am starting to do that make me a little more motivated and keep me on track. I wrote yesterday how I've made a strict routine to combat writer's block and that uninspired feeling but that was a bit vague and planned around my day and my life cause yours might be different.

So here's a few important things to remember when you work from home:

1. Get dressed:

This might sound pretty obvious but when you start working from home you feel this naughtiness of OMG I CAN STAY IN MY PJ'S ALL DAY and then a month goes by and oh look I'm still in my pyjamas lol. Getting up early and getting dressed into actual work clothes enhances your productivity massively well, it does mine anyway. It makes you feel awake and ready to tackle the day head on. I found that when I stay in my pyjamas, I feel slower and more sluggish and like I don't really care if I get shit done because hey I'm having a lazy day cause I'm still in my pj's yanno? I like to wear something comfy but something smart so if I needed to go to the shop I wouldn't feel embarrassed yanno? Also, you can't go wrong with a pair of slippers - I got new ones from Primark and they're SO NICE!

2. Set actual working hours

I've been trying to do this since day one - it's a lot harder than it looks. When you blog and/or write full-time, everything becomes content resulting in you never switching off or being present: you're always thinking "ooh I'll get a few shots of this so I can write about it later" and then spend 10 minutes rearranging the table set up for the perfect shot and then whoops your delicious food is cold and you can't enjoy it in all of it's glory. I'm currently trying the whole 9-5 working day and have weekends off (except Saturday's now cause I'm working on exciting new projects every Saturday from this week onwards which you can find more about here.) I enjoy this set up because I like the idea of getting up early, having breakfast then getting straight to work so I can finish in the evening and relax when it's all dark and cozy with a nice hot brew and my new colouring book.

3. Listen to music

I find music so inspiring - if I need to write an emotional piece I usually chuck on Bon Ivor or Eddy Vedder but anything else I usually have a variety of stuff playing: hip-hop, country, jazz etc. if you want to hear some AMAZING songs, check out my 7 favourite songs here. If you're planning on listening to music whilst you work, make sure it doesn't distract you especially when you're proofreading cause I know how easy it is to throw everything to the side and start banging out some Beyonce moves cause you're music fly and you're feeling the groove i feel like you're gunna read that in a mum who's trying to be cool voice but oh well. Once LIFE CHANGING thing I've learnt to make sure you don't get distracted my your music is to play it on a device you're not working on. I got sent the WS300G Multiroom Wifi Speaker from a company called August*  and honestly, it makes listening to music whilst working SO MUCH better - it's dead easy to connect with your laptop and/or phone, it has amazing sound quality and the connection range is AMAZING (we're talking phone downstairs, speaker in locked bathroom whilst I partake in shower karaoke with my new best pal) They've also given me a discount code for you lovely people which will be at the end of the post.

4. Take actual breaks

That doesn't mean scrolling through facebook, munching on a chocolate bar whilst drinking a brew. I mean actually go make yourself a PROPER lunch - maybe make it up the night before so all you have to do is get your lunchbox out of the fridge. Sit outside and eat if it's a nice day, if it isn't, sit in a separate room to your workspace and eat mindfully, maybe watch some jezza or read a chapter in a book. Make sure you give yourself the same amount of time each day and give yourself multiple breaks. I usually take mine around 11 and 2 cause they're the times I'm most hungry but I do have multiple get-up-and-make-a-brew breaks too cause I'm a tea fiend and need to be stopped!

5. Have a dedicated workspace

I've literally only started working at an actual desk in an assigned room this week but it's SO important - it helps you to switch off at the end of your working day. You can close the door for the evening and treat the rest of your house as just that, your home. Don't go popping in trying to check your emails and shit cause it's not healthy, you need to switch off. It also helps keep everything together: USB sticks, photo props, notebooks, brainstorming idea etc. you will never lose them if they're in an assigned place in your dedicated working space. Plus you'll feel like a right sassy madam, I mean, look at you with your own office hey!

What are your tips for having a productive work day?

Disclaimer: I was sent the WS300 Wifi Speaker from August but all opinions are my own (as always) 


  1. I'd love to be able to work from home one day so these were definitely good points to consider - thank you for sharing your adive! :) Whenever I want to have a productive day & get work done actually getting ready in the morning helps me a lot as well. I don't know what it is but I can't get into a productive mood when I'm in my PJ's x


    1. I think because we sleep in Pj's when it comes to working, if we still have them on we still feel tired and groggy x

  2. You are so lucky to be able to work from home. I hope to one day be able to do the same because working for yourself seems so overpowering! ♥

    1. It's definitely better than working for someone else lol x