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It's okay not to be okay sometimes

it's okay not be okay

I love positivity, I think having a positive mindset attracts positive things: situations, people and experiences. But we can't be positive all of the time and I think a lot of people forget that when they're trying to be more positive. 

We can all be a bit moany, especially when everything's gone wrong and it's not even 8am yet. You know the days: you get caught up in a storm without a coat let alone an umbrella, your bus is 20 minutes late and then, when you finally make it into work, you spill your fresh cup of coffee down yourself. Through gritted teeth and an angry glare, you reply "Yes. Fine. Thanks" when some dopey cow asks those dreaded words "are you okay?" - their big gnarly gnashers may as well be mocking you. People are told to "stay positive" but this is so unhealthy. Like I say, you can't be positive all the time. I mean, if I was facing homelessness, my cat just died, and I was struggling to find my next meal, then someone told me to "stay positive" I'd cut a bitch. Straight up.

Even so, we all try to be positive, 'cause no one likes a Debbie downer, am I right? that is the first and last time I've ever said and will ever say 'Debbie downer' - gross. But it is absolutely 100 percent okay to say "Actually, no. I'm not O-fucking-kay, but there we go. Shit happens." It's okay to recognise when shit things are happening and it is definitely okay to not be okay with those shit things. It's okay to throw in the towel for an hour or a day or a week if shit's really bad.. actually, however long you need. As long as you rise up stronger afterwards. This. is. the. difference. If you are negative 90 percent of the time and you pretty much always only look at the negative side of the equation then yeah, no wonder no one wants to hang with you but if you roll with the punches, take a time out when shit gets too much and then rise up stronger to tackle that motherfucker, then you should have no shame at all about taking that time out. 

A soldier can fight and fight but at some point, he needs to take a minute or an hour, or a day, or a week to sharpen his sword, have his beauty sleep, and eat a wholesome meal ready to get back out on the battlefield and kick some ass. - Arora Appleby

Do you think we should be positive all of the time?


  1. This is so true. Even though I love that positivity and wellbeing has become so sort of fashionable it is definitely ok and normal to have down days!!
    Freyas Fashion Chapter

    1. yes definitel and I think people need to understand it more too that they're going to have shit days and it's perfectly okay! xx

  2. This post is exactly what i needed to read. I've had a bit of a shoddy weekend and it's left me feeling so crap - i keep telling everyone i'm fine, but truth is all i want to do is curl up in a ball and cry.

    Thanks for reminding me that sometimes, it's ok to not be okay.

    1. Aww sorry to hear that lovely, I hope these following weeks have been better for you! sending love your way lovely lady xx

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