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Lush press event photo diary

Lush press event photo diary, lush, photo, photo diary

An e-mail landed in my inbox last week inviting me to the Press event for Lush in Bournemouth.
They'd been closed for MONTHS as they were refurbishing the entire shop. I replied straight away with an excited "YES." Friday night rolled around and I was anxious as hell until I'd posted on twitter explaining my anxieties and got comforted by a few girls that were going too saying that they were feeling the same way and we'd get through it together *strong arm emoji* I am SO GLAD that I didn't let my anxiety stop me from going because I had SUCH a good time and met some wonderful blogging gals that I just know I'll form a strong friendship with, I mean less than an hour after meeting, Jess and I were already talking about dick pics so yeah, friendship goals right there hey!
I will be writing a more in depth post about the entire event but just wanted to show you how aesthetically pleasing the shop is now in this little photo diary.

Lush press event photo diary

Photo 1: I looked SO GOOD with my perfect winged eyeliner and my extensions
Photo 2: I waited in Waterstones' cafe because I was half hour early and needed to charge my phone
Photo 3: Me, Georgie and Lottie posing for some photos with the Lush snapchat filter

Lush press event photo diary

Photo 4: The face mask table was the best table ever. I got rosy cheeks and it's AMAZING
Photo 5: These eyeshadows CHANGED COLOUR when the demonstration lady squirted water on them!
Photo 6:  This plant was really cute and I thought it would look great on my instagram

Lush press event photo diary

Photo 7: This sign was so cool and I mean, the bath bombs were lazy good! We got gifted "mistletoe"
Photo 8: They had live demonstrations and these were SO pretty!
Photo 9: Outside there were trumpets and cocktails and live product making

Lush press event photo diary

Photo 10: These were at the end of the face mask table and this cleanser smelt amazing
Photo 11: Lavender is my fav smell ever and next to it is the full of grace bar which is my fav moisturiser now
Photo 12: These are the toner pills and also just made a really good Instagram photo

What's your favourite Lush product?


  1. Looks like you had a blast! My favorite Lush product is their No Drought Dry Shampoo. ♥

    1. Yaaas it was so good! ooh I've never tried that before! My fav is the rosy cheeks face mask x