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10 steps to the best hot chocolate ever*

10 steps to the best hot chocolate ever, hot chocolate

My favourite week is here: National Chocolate week. If you know me, you will know that my favourite food is chocolate - it's not healthy by any means but as it stands, chocolate is my fav. As it's autumn and I've been sent some delicious fair-trade vegan chocolate bars from seed and bean*, I thought I'd give you a cheeky recipe. Since these chocolate bars arrived through my letter box, I haven't been able to stop eating them. Honestly, they taste SO good and I feel like I'm helping the environment and stuff cause the packaging is home compostable and they're all fair trade and mainly vegan. I thought I'd mix it up on here cause I've never done a recipe post but I think I need to share my secret.

So here's how to make the BEST hot chocolate EVER!


50g chocolate - I used seed and bean Orange and Thyme* (cause it adds a bit more oomph and flavour to the drink)
Milk - I filled the cup I was using with milk to measure how much I would need
Whipped cream - Not essential but it does well for Instagram pictures


01. Turn two of your hobs on to medium heat
02. Break up 50gs of your chocolate (Seed and bean bars come in 85g bars so pretty much three-quarters)
03. Pop the chocolate into a saucepan on the hob and start to stir
04. Pour your milk into a small saucepan and place on the hob and leave to simmer
05. Keep stirring your chocolate until it's all melted
06. Pour the hot milk into the melted chocolate
07. Stir the milk and chocolate so they mix together
08. Pour the chocolate milk into your mug
09. Let it cool for a minute then squirt your whipped cream all around so you create a mountain
10. Grate a few squares of chocolate and sprinkle on top of the whipped cream (or break a flake up if you're lazy lol)

What's your favourite winter drink?


  1. I've never tried making hot chocolate out of a chocolate bar. I'm going to it next time thanks for the idea!♥

    1. Yaaaas you definitely should Michelle! It tastes SO MUCH better! xx