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My tattoos and their stories

My tattoos & their stories, tattoos

I haven't got many tattoo's - I want to be covered in all honesty. Ever since I was 9 I've wanted tattoo's. I always feel that my skin is too.. plain? It's strange but I feel like my skin should represent how I feel inside: floral, pretty and vintage lol that sounds dead lame. This is why I thought I would show you the tattoo's I currently have:


Most people ask me why I chose a star for my first ever tattoo - even Shane asked me "are you sure that's what you want.. a star?" I know it's a conventional tattoo - people have stars behind their ears, up their arms and wherever else, it's actually deemed as quite a 'chavvy' tattoo where I'm from but my star is my only tattoo so far that has a proper meaning to it. My Nan and Bamps have always drawn a star on every birthday and Christmas card since I could remember well, my Bamps did - my nan can't draw them, and so I got Shane to trace the star from my 18th birthday card from my nan and bamps and to tattoo it on me just as it was. I surprised my Bamps with it when I saw him a few weeks afterward and his face was a picture!

Polaroid camera & flowers:

There's no story to this except for I was sat in bed at Shanes, and his brothers girlfriend Victoria Rose was here and we were talking and I was telling her how I wanted a Polaroid camera sleeve with flowers and a crow with a pocket watch. She said she would do it and a few weeks later I was getting my camera and flowers tattooed - the flowers are  lavender, daisies and foxgloves.
Artist: Victoria Rose


Again. maybe a bit of a conventional one and not much of a meaning behind it except for the original meaning of the om of course. I booked a hair cut one day,I had long red curly hair past my boobies and I planned on getting a pixie cut - shaved on one side and the other touching just above my jaw. It was a big step for me but I thought fuck it. Whilst feeling my 'fuck it' attitude I asked Gino, Shane's brother if he had any space the same day as my haircut. He did and so I got my om tattoo. I wanted it to remind me to stay mindful and present in life and to let shit go
Artist: Gino Dartnall

As you can probably tell, I have only ever been tattooed by Shane's family and I will only ever be tattooed by them. I don't trust many people - especially with needles and ink but I know how serious they all take their professions and how amazing their artwork is so it would be crazy for me to go to any other artists.

What tattoos do you have?

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