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October's hopes and dreams

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You're probably wondering why I'm posting on a Saturday? Well, you're probably not but I like to think you guys all recognise and appreciate my blogging schedule. It's the start of the new month and Jesus christ has this year gone fast! I remember sat in the bath with Shane on the 1st January laughing and discussing the year ahead like it was yesterday, but alas, it wasn't, it was a whopping 10 months ago! *shocked emoji*
I thought I'd kick this month off with some goals. I'm fucking terrible when it comes to goal setting cause I don't set goals I'm too fussed about so if I don't achieve them I'm pretty chill about it which really, isn't good. So this month, I'm going to set myself goals I actually care about in preparation for the big goal setting date of the First of January two thousand and SEVENTEEN. So here's some stuff I want to complete by this month / this year:


Blog every day in October:

This is why I'm posting on a Saturday. All of this month I aim to post EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN' DAY! It's gunna be challenging, but it's just the kinda challenge I need right now. It gives me a chance to try out new content without disrupting my current schedule/theme and hopefully get some feedback off of you guys. Who knows, I might even like it!

Read 2 books:

Now I've got my library card wiped of all it's debt 9-year-old me accumulated, there's no reason to why I can't read two books this month. I mean I have a whole bookcase of half read bloody books but now it's finally autumn, I aim to cosy up with some candles, hot chocolate and a good old fiction book in the crisp winter nights.

Complete 2 things on my bucket list:

You may have read my Autumn/Winter Bucket list, if not, click the link and read it, and so I aim to complete at least 2 things on the list this month. I've already ticked a couple off, which gives me a good headstart but I'm excited because the reason I created this bucket list is so I'm getting out and trying new things rather than staying in my nice warm bed drinking hot chocolate and eating ALL the junk food.

Get organised:

I've got SO many organisers/notebooks and I definitely need more but I seldom use them. I like the idea of being organised but I feel my to do list always looks the same, so I don't really need one. But I want to start planning shit even if it's just to remember to put the washing on cause lol I'm running out of knickers or to keep track of what I post, when I post and what brands I'm collaborating with.

Make more time for me:

This doesn't really need explaining but I want to make sure I'm looking after myself and my mental health by actually setting time aside for myself - to pamper myself, to go on a walk alone or to just meditate. How ever I choose to spend it, I need to practise what I preach and treat myself the way I want and deserve to be treated


Get involved in more twitter chats:

So now everything has settled down and I have a stable home, a stable schedule etc etc. I can FINALLY start getting involved in twitter chats again. I've missed participating in them so much 'cause I've met so many fab people through them! Shout out to queen bree, my buddy from Cali *fish bumps* (wow that's so lame) 

Comment on more blogs:

I don't mean just comment on any old blog with any old comment, I'm going to really try and take my time to leave thoughtful comments on posts I absolutely love. My heart and soul smiles when I read the lovely, thoughtful comments you guys leave me and I want to make others feel the happiness you guys make me feel.

Reply to comments:

I've been SO BAD at this lately because of all the shit that's been going on, but I'm going to get back on the ball? horse? whatever the expression is, I'm gunna get back on it and start replying to your comments every Tuesday because like I've just said. it really makes my heart and soul smile when I read your comments and thoughts and I don't want you guys thinking I don't appreciate them because I really, really do!

What are your goals for this month?


  1. Honestly, how is it October already?! I just don't understand. I hope you'll have the most amazing month filled with happiness :) I'm SO excited about you posting every day - your blog is one of my faves & I'm always looking forward to reading your thoughts. I'll be graduating from school in December which means my final exams are coming up so my goal for October is to set priorities, focus on studying & getting shit done without procrastinating. We'll see how that goes haha x


    1. i know right, it's mental how quick this year has gone!
      Aww thank you so much lovely lady! and ooh lordy, good luck with your finals! I'm sure you'll do brilliant xx

  2. I just found your blog and love it! I'm so excited to see all your posts in October (but I will also be stalking your old posts, hehe). I've blogged for a full month before and it can be challenging but fun, it can even be addicting! Good luck! ♥

    1. Aw thank you so much Michelle! yeah I dont doubt it'll be challenging but hopefully I'll come out on top lol xx