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The perfect night time routine

the perfect night time routine, night, bed time

This week I've been trying to stick to my strict routine which entails going to bed super early. Truth be told, that's been quite hard - though instead of going to bed at 2am I've been going to bed around 11:30/12:00ish which still isn't great but it's an improvement I suppose. I've also been switching off my laptop and phone at least half an hour before I go to sleep which has been amazing for my sleep - usually I wake up a lot through the night so I'm never completely rested or at least it never feels like I am lol. I've been doing a few things differently in the nights and in the morning (but that's a whole other post lol) so I thought I'd share my night time secrets with you in hope to help you have the best night sleep you've had in a long time cause this is honestly the perfect night time routine for me anyway.

Take a cold shower/hot bath:

Before settling into bed, make sure you're all nice and clean. Having a cold shower will make you feel better but it usually makes me feel more awake so I usually have a hot bath and shave my legs so they're nice and smooth for when I get into bed. I try not to wash my hair before bed because my hair is thick and curly and takes at least 4 hours to dry naturally and if I blow dry it, I turn into a massive frizz ball. I use the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry body wash which smells like really sweet, fresh strawberry milkshake  it's absolutely divine! once you get out, put warm fresh pyjamas on and climb into your cozy bed

Put Netflix on:

I'm absolutely obsessed with Gilmore Girls right now. I used to watch it when I was like 13 and got kicked out - I wasn't in school so I turned to Charmed, Steve Wilkos and Gilmore Girls to fill my days up. I like to climb into bed and watch an episode or yanno, 10 episodes of something on Netflix with a hot cup of tea and some biscuits.

Colour in:

I bought a new colouring book the other week and it's basically swear words surrounded by mandalas and stuff, it's pretty cute. I bought some new pencils too so I've been colouring in my swear words whilst watching Netflix - it's very therapeutic, to be honest, you should definitely try it!


Like I said before, I've been trying to turn my laptop and phone off at least half an hour before bed so I usually take that time to read. I've been reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and it's like the 10th time I've read it but it really helps pull me out of a creative rut.

Put on an audio book:

So funny story, I tried putting on positive affirmations the other week whilst I slept but it resulted in me dreaming I was being cursed and that no one would ever love me again, I know weird right? So I've been putting on Harry Potter audiobooks - granted, i love the films but I've never read the books and I only tried them 'cause everyone says they help them sleep so I thought why the fuck not and it was the best decision I've ever made. It sends me straight to sleep not cause it's boring lol but steven frys voice is so soothing and there's just something relaxing about lying in bed having a story read to you, no wonder kids like it so much.

What's your night time routine?


  1. This is literally what I do as well, and definitley helps me sleep better xFreyas Fashion Chapter

  2. Reading before going to bed always helps me fall asleep a lot better :) Also I absolutely LOVED Big Magic, might have to reread it soon! x


    1. Yeah it soothes the brain doesn't it! and yaaaas Big magic is definitely the one! x

  3. This does sound like a pretty perfect night time routine, especially the Netflix part! I had never watched Gilmore Girls before but a few months ago I flew through all the seasons and it's such a good show.

  4. I like to watch for episodes of GG, light a candle, throw on a sheet mask and unwind before I head to bed. I love the idea of coloring before bedtime! ♥

    1. That sounds heavenly! Colouring whilst watching netflix is an amazing way to wind down x