How I plan to let shit go from now on


How I plan to let shit go

As a Cancerian, yes I believe in all that stuff and if you wanna be pernickety I'm actually on the cancer-leo cusp, 
I find it terribly difficult to let shit go. I hold on to things that have happened in the past far too much and it brings me nothing but negativity in most cases. I'm not sure why, maybe because as humans we focus on the negative more as we like to solve things, but when it's something you cannot change, there's no point in holding on to it, but yet, I do.

I don't like holding onto shit. I don't like that if I get on a bus and there's a baby screaming it instantly ruins my ENTIRE day. I don't like that if someone is rude to me it puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, I don't like that when I think of things from my past I get upset and sometimes, even angry. Most of all, I didn't like that I didn't know how to change it. Up until tonight. I was sat thinking after having a wonderful day how can I feel this blissful all the time and I told myself "by letting shit go, Arora.. duh!" and I thought long and hard about how. How to let shit go. It's certainly not something you can click your fingers and "ooh look, all fixed now" then in the corner of my eye I saw a glistening gold polka dot. I turn my head to focus on it and realise it's the notebook I received as a present for my 21st birthday. all fresh and brand new. Instantly, I knew the solution.

I'm going to use my shiny beautiful new notebook as a 'Let shit go' journal - I will keep it with me at ALL times well, in my bag at least, and every time something or someone pisses me off, I will write it down. I will write whatever it is down in my "let shit go" journal, and then I won't think about it, I won't be annoyed by and it won't disturb the happiness inside my mind and soul.

I want to be free of all negativity. I want to have a happy mind. I do not want my brain being filled up with negativity and things that still upset or annoy me after years of them happening. I know the solution now and there's no reason not to try it. Honestly, I feel happier and lighter already.

How do you usually let shit go?


  1. Writing things down can work wonders & can instantly make you feel better so I really think this will help you a lot :) I recently bought a new notebook as well & I'm planning on using it a bit like a diary where I can write into whenever I feel overwhelmed or when I need to put my emotions on paper x


    1. Yeah definitely! That's a good idea, getting feelings down is always a way of release for me - I feel instantly better when my thoughts are on a piece of paper x

  2. Wow, Arora... This idea is actually brilliant, and couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. Besides the fact that I have a stack of unused, pretty notebooks on the side of my desk... haha. Recently I've been stuck on the thought of how other people perceive me- and today it hit me a little too hard on the head. "Who thinks of me as an actual friend?" "Will they completely ignore me the minute I go to high school?" etc etc. I'll try this tonight, and keep you updated via twitter on how it goes :) xx Thanks, lovely x

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    1. Aww thank you Kyia, glad I helped in some way! Yes let me know how you get on! Ps. having a pretty notebook collection is NOTHING to be ashamed about lol x

  3. I'm a Cancer as well so I can totally relate to holding onto situations from the past. I try not overthinking too much about the bad experiences and try ignoring the issues and focus on something that makes me happy (like my dog, favorite food, getting a package in the mail, etc). I've never tried journaling but please let us know if it works.! ♥

    1. Yeah it's a bad trait of ours lol and see I don't know whether that's ~healthy~ in itself - I don't think you should ignore problems but if they're just little annoyances then yeah ignore them haha. It's been working out really well you should try it! x



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